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Let’s knock out some of the wilder stories first. I am ruling out “aliens did it”, drug visions, and and astrological explanations. You can find all those on the Net.

But was Fukushima made worse by a secret weapons program? Did the Americans cause this disaster with HAARP?


One blogger, citing Chinese sources, says the big quake and Fukushima accident are the result of a secret Japanese nuclear weapons test. He says:

“Chinese experts say that this was not an earthquake, a top-secret testing of nuclear weapons.”

Believers in this theory use Net photos of a mysterious whirlpool, which could be a result of tsunami. The General theory is the Japanese, who are experts at tunnels (they made the deepest railway tunnel in world), – constructed a secret underwater nuclear base, which blew up, causing the quake. Radiation at reactors was to cover up a secret test March 9th, they say.

There is zero proof. It would have to be a really big nuclear weapon, since [116] estimates of the single 9.0 quake power is one million kiloton bombs. The largest U.S. nuclear bomb test was reportedly 15 Megatons. The Soviet Union allegedly blew up a 60 megaton monster.

I don’t believe this theory. But there is evidence Japan wants a nuclear weapon and has the capability to make them. I’ll talk about that a little later.


Let’s consider the most serious misleading and frightening example of Net reporting gone wrong.

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