Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. We’re going to plunge into the fevered world of dark conspiracy. We’ll find the men who hate greens, the fringe media voices who call us to commit suicide. If they are to be believed, we must arrest hundreds of thousands of scientists, for their role in the global warming hoax.

We’ll find out who is behind the scheme to turn the 911 Truth Movement almost overnight, into the global warming denial network.

This is a review of a new made-for-cable TV series, and rant radio.

Forget about 911. Now our icon of hatred is global warming, and it’s terror face isn’t just Al Gore. No, the kingpin, the spider at the center of the web is…

[gunfire] [screaming]

Not so fast. To begin my journey into the bowels of conspiracy, I first had to travel to a dark warehouse, on the wrong side of Okayama, Japan. A 30ish balding James Corbett awaits me. He seems shy, but as you’ll find out, with a keyboard and a screen, Corbett is a lion against the climate.

Mysteriously, Corbett hands me a slip of paper. With 3 names printed on it. My arduous journey has begun.

The second part of this week’s program makes more sense. It’s UK author and journalist Fred Pearce. We’ll talk about two of his recent books: “Confessions of an Eco-Sinner” and “Last Generation”.

Pearce travelled around the world to find out where all our daily “stuff” comes from. Meeting some of the poorer people who produce it, he develops some doubts about all-out localization of production. But then Fred is willing to work through unpopular ideas.

His previous book goes through some of the unexpressed fears scientists have – that we may experience abrupt climate change, rather than the smooth graphs shown by governments and the IPCC. It has happened in the past, and would be very ugly if we bring it on now.

But much of our interview comes from Fred’s newest research, for an upcoming book. He’s discovered that overpopulation is not doing the planet in, as much as over-consumption. Again he’s taken flack, but Fred has the figures to back up his claims. Don’t miss Fred Pearce on Radio Ecoshock.

The rest of this blog entry is all about the 911 Truth Movement, rant radio, and how conspiracy theory is being used to deny global warming science. Read More at your own risk….