Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. Today you’ll hear two green broadcasters meet on air. Matt and Alex ask how cities can work in the climate energy crunch. Should you get out – and what can we learn from the back-to-the-land movement of the late ’70’s. I’ll toss in the mental survival tips I use to survive the awful knowledge of climate change.

Matt and I also talk about Derrick Jensen and so-called “Eco-Terrorism”. Non-violence hasn’t worked (our life support system is going into the crapper) – do we need to go further?

We’ll top that off with 15 minutes from the master. Al Gore’s latest testimony to the House Energy Subcommittee April 24th. The last minute American hope to save the climate.

I’m Alex Smith, wading through the deep green with green broadcaster Matt. His long-running show “Healing the Earth” runs out of the University of Guelph in Canada – but his guests – some of them controversial – come from all over the world.

I hope you enjoyed that exchange with Matt. It’s not easy doing radio about a gorgeous ecosphere under attack, in decline. My hope is lame, but it’s still there. Maybe hope is built into us, the ultimate survival trait.

Here’s someone who never gave up: Al Gore. We go now to his testimony to the House Energy Subcommittee, chaired by the remarkable Ed Markey of Massachusetts. As the Obama Administration rounds up the evidence for the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, Chairman Markey gets the best, keeps it moving. You can find the whole 2 hour video on C-Span.

Here’s Al. (The key 15 minutes of testimony, 4 MB)

Next week we’ll interview climate scientist and activist Bill Hare. His new report says the world may have to stop using fossil fuels completely in just 20 years – or face a drastic climate shift. The latest science, the most alarming.

I’m Alex Smith. Thank you for caring about your world.