[Opening clip: I just want to get a megaphone, and yell to people entering the Mall “It isn’t in there.”]

That is Cecile Andrews – and she’s right. Happiness is not in the shopping mall, never was.

I’m Alex Smith, this is Radio Ecoshock.

This program is loaded. You’ll hear retail expert Howard Davidowitz. He’s the shopping expert who says 200,000 American stores will close – and the great days of consumerism are dead. May they rest in peace.

Following that interview from New York, we go to France. Michelle Holdsworth is co-author of the new book “Globesity, A Planet Out of Control?” We explore the relationship between obesity and climate change. Can fat warm the world?

In the second half hour, 15 minutes from a new speech by Cecile Andrews. She brought us “Slow Is Beautiful”. Her new book, perfect for tough times, is “Less Is More”. It’s all about the simplicity movement, and how simple human community saves lives.

I’ll wrap up the program with a survival project: one day canning, how to eat better for half the cost.