Ecoshock Show 080801

Surf is up and the heat is on.

We begin with a review of the UK climate activist scene. Hear a representative of “Rising Tide” describe British climate protests, including boarding coal trains headed for a massive polluting power station. Courtesy of RiseUp! Radio – a community program from Nottingham England.
We also hear a short clip from a new/old climate radio program coming out of London, called “The Two Degrees Show“.

Phil England has been doing this program for a couple of years, and it just got new funding, for a new series. In the re-opener he interviews a top UK climate scientist to get the latest juice, and goes after government administrators to see how they resolve the conflict between proclaimed carbon reduction goals – versus the construction of new highways and everlasting airport construction. That is broadcast from Radiance FM, the finest alternative radio station in the UK.

Radio Ecoshock tries to keep track of climate activism at least in the English-speaking world, and this week’s review of the UK scene balances our previous coverage from Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Then we go to a hot speech by Canadian scientist and broadcaster Dr. David Suzuki. He’s worried about where all the wild things will go, as the climate shifts too rapidly out from under them.

Suzuki became known to millions as the brilliant scientist who educated us all with the television program “The Nature of Things” (which is still broadcast all over the world in re-runs). Now 70 something, Dr. Suzuki heads his own environmental advocacy group, the David Suzuki Foundation, based in British Columbia.

This speech, where David doesn’t hold back much! – was recorded in Toronto by our fellow posse recording friend, John Paul Warren. Excellent job John Paul, and thanks for sending this one in.

If you want to capture important speech and events in your city or town, take a look at our “How to Record for Radio” page on the Ecoshock web site. It all helps.

This is the Radio Ecoshock Show for August 1st, 2008 – sent out early because Alex Smith is on vacation. He is, “with Nature.”

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Production Notes: 30 second music bed for station ID at 29:34 Song “Endless Summer” by Ghostly Penguin Display.