Latest awful science on climate’s impact: dead zones, acidification, extinctions. Forget Obamamania and gowns on the red carpet – oh, by the way, the oceans are dying.

This show begins with clips from the 1973 classic “Soylent Green”. The usual warnings apply: people with depression, cynicism, skepticism, or despair listen at their own risk.

3 original interviews by Alex Smith, of top scientists, with news from the Boston meeting of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. Then we cover new reports from the United Nations and Australia.

1. From the AAAS in Boston – Ben Halpern has new global maps of ocean damage.

2. the Smithsonian’s Nancy Wilson (“Code Red”) – super biologist on climate’s impact on ocean, new science, and the sad fate of corals. If somone was supposed to muzzle U.S. scientists on climate – they forgot to tell Nancy Wilson. Straight talk on a very serious situation.

3. from Norway, Dr. Christian Nellemann, author of UNEP report “In Dead Water” – the frightening warning from the United Nations, that mainstream media in North America ignored.

Plus: a reading from John Timmer, science editor at Ars Technica: the real deal on ocean acidification, in a way we can all understand it.

and – “the new Stern report” from Australia. Prof. Garnaut says we all must cut emissions by 90%, by 2050 – and even then, our chances are only 50-50. Stunning wrap up of new science, since last IPCC, plus projections of the Asian economies, as China, India – and even Vietnam, head toward super-economy status. Australia will take the worst beating from climate change, says this government report.

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