Friday, November 09, 2007


Sir David King warns we are headed toward a hot-state planet, not seen since 55 million years ago (when life huddled on Antarctica).

The only way out, he says, is a binding international agreement by 2009. Even so, we only have a window of 5 years to act, to cut carbon drastically. Otherwise, the global climate may shift by 5 degrees C. ( 9 degrees Fahrenheit) or more. Keep in mind, that's the just the global average. The arctic may go up 14 degrees or more.

We are already experiencing massive fires, drought, and floods with a temperature increase of just a degree or so. Scientists think we have another degree and a half "in the pipeline" - already stored in the Sea, but not yet out in the world (there is a delay factor.)

Coming from a man who advises British Prime Minister Brown, and sets science goals for the United Kingdom - this is an extreme warning, from a renowned scientist, plugged into the latest satellite and other data.

Scary but true. We are heading into something that human history has never prepared us for. This is the big alarm bell.

It seems to me, that all new oil, gas, and coal projects should be stopped immediately. On a personal level, put your car up on blocks. Yes, it is that serious.

Listen for yourself, by clicking the title above, or going to:

This warning comes from a podcast interview by Robyn Williams, one of the best science journalists anywhere. The show is "Conversations," broadcast by ABC Radio National in Australia. Find out more at

Also: check William's other show, ABC's flagship "Science Show". Some great interviews with James Lovelock, plus many more. Their podcast and on-demand listening page is:

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