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This is Alex Smith, asking, why are so many in the 911 Truth movement so hostile to the reality of climate change?

On June 22nd, 2007 the traveling road show of 911 speakers arrived in Vancouver, Canada.

As an environmentalist, and a radio journalist, I went to the Sunday afternoon presentations. These promised to explain the dangers of depleted uranium, and the conspiracy of wars to get oil. My intention was to broadcast the speech by Leuren Moret, who has awakened many to the dangers of depleted uranium used in American weapons in the Middle East.

When Leuren Moret announced that global warming was a hoax, I was stunned to hear about 25% of the crowd at the 911 “Truth” conference applaud – like a big weight had been lifted from them. Oh yeah, all that stuff about eventually running out of oil, and natural gas, that’s a hoax too. Whew!

We know this because ex-President Bill Clinton’s half-brother is alleged to have said this. He would know.

OK, it’s hard to find a speech where I agree, and disagree so much. We don’t have time to run the whole speech, so in fairness to Leuren, I am going to run consecutive clips of the main points, separated by a little classical music, so you will know where edits were made. I will withhold the rest of my comments until after the 20 minutes from her speech, so you can draw your own conclusions.

Here is Leuren Moret, from the Vancouver 911 Truth conference, June 24th.

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Why are so many of the 911 Truth people so hostile to the climate change movement?

Is it issue envy, seeing their passion shunted aside for a greater need? The audience was generally older men, with a serving of middle aged women. Some go from conference to conference, following the speakers, selling books, making a film, hoping to become minor celebrities, within a small crowd. They know, without a doubt, that nothing will be solved in this world, until the truth about the attacks of 911 come out, and America is set right.

The new coal plants opening every ten days in China do not matter. The dying pine forests are irrelevant. If the ocean life is being scrapped bare – that is all part of the plan to depopulate the world – as laid out by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Queen, long ago.

Of course, this collection of villains, the alleged head of the snake, is exactly the theory and teaching of Lyndon Larouche, the one-time Presidential candidate, and cult leader. Larouche was jailed under George Bush senior, for defrauding old ladies, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. His followers, those who were not jailed with him, began a vendetta against the Bush government, ever since.

The keynote speaker for this 911 Conference, Webster Griffin Tarpley, was the press officer and close confidant of Lyndon Larouche, his mouthpiece, even into the mid-1990’s. Tarpley, who wrote a scandal-laden biography of Bush Jr., available on the Net, has helped lead a whole crowd of 911 Truthers into the Larouche explanation: an evil conspiracy for world domination, led by the Queen of England, and organized by the Rothschilds.

It was once true, a hundred and fifty years ago, that the Rothschilds family bankrolled wealthy Kings and Queens. But Capitalism has morphed many times since then, becoming immensely more complicated than this child’s tale, of the bad mother and her evil step-sons. Where is the gigantic wealth of the Wal-Mart Waltons, and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, in this story? What about the immensely powerful Japanese banks, the newly emerging wealth of China, the accumulated hordes of Saudi Arabia? Are these all “palace Jews”, too?

The beauty of the Larouche world-view: it puts the evil somewhere else, at the top. If the world is being consumed, rapidly approaching extinction levels – THEY are doing it, not you and I, as we drive our SUV to the Mall for more useless shopping. When our garbage cans overflow, we can hate the Rothschilds… and the Queen?

Incidentally, there is a possibility the Queen has invested heavily in uranium, although likely through no direct decision of her own. The Royal family has hundreds of years of history, of investing in the big British companies that set out to plunder the resources of the world. We know that in the 1970’s, the Crown was a major player in the RTZ mining company, which has interests in uranium mines in Australia and Canada. They mine a lot of other minerals as well, so it is disingenuous to place all their billions in just uranium. The Queen may even be invested in BHP Billiton, another big uranium miner in Australia. That hardly leads to a charge of derailing the climate change movement toward nuclear power. Al Gore marrying a banker’s grand-daughter is a pretty weak link to the conspiracy.

Looking further into this 911 Conference, who does Leuren Moret recommend as a key author? William Cooper, author of Author of “Behold a Pale Horse” One web site says simply William Cooper was killed by authorities on November 5th, 2001. Cooper also wrote “Operation Majority” which, quote, “contains the absolute true information regarding the alien presence on earth, and the US Governments involvement with the aliens.” Need I say more?

Also at the conference, another staunch global warming denier, radio host and herbal salesman Dr. William Deagle. He snapped rapid-fire through his slides that “prove” that the World Trade Centre was demolished by a mini-nuclear weapon. Anything is possible, but I smelt the Snake Oil pouring from the stage.

None of this denies that the Bush administration didn’t have dirty hands in the 911 attacks. They were utterly incompetent, at the very least. They may have had a secret role in it – real conspiracies do happen.

But why bother dedicating your life to this one event? We know for sure, with no further investigation, that Bush, Cheney, and the Neocons immediately used 911 as an excuse to strip Americans, and world citizens, of all rights. They brought back torture, and fed obscene amounts of money into the Vice-president’s old company, Halliburton – not to mention America’s largest defense contractor, Lockheed Martin. Mrs. Cheney sits on the board of Lockheed Martin – the biggest case of graft ever.

Then, they started an immoral, criminal war, that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people – far more than 911. The world turned toward fear and violence.

Keep in mind, though, while these human dramas play out on the stage that politics has become – outside, in Nature, things are dying at ever faster rates. While the News plays with Paris Hilton, and devotees buy the 911 t-shirts, a major drought has hit America harder than any terrorist can. Whole forests are dying in the West, due to climate change. Tropical forests are being cut down at record rates. If we continue as we are, this civilization is doomed, and many other living things too.

Deny that, and you lose everything.

I hoped to play the Leuren Moret speech for you, as a truth teller. Now, she suddenly re-explains the diabetes surge as coming from her own field – not diet. She knows a secret truth the experts have missed. She knows how AIDS was spread to Africa – another conspiracy of evil men. She knows that depleted uranium explains the whole human malaise. It is simple. Too simple.

Leuren Moret is not a nuclear physicist, nor a climate scientist. I am saddened to say, following the wild statements in this grandiose speech, – those of us who care about the environment will have to see her as part of a conspiracy, fallen into a fringe that denies reality, and our own role in it.

Deplete uranium is a dangerous product that should never have been made. It is criminal to drop nuclear waste on other countries. We owe a debt to Leuren Moret for waking us up on this issue. But when she wanders into world politics, the causes of widespread diseases, and hidden nuclear weapons used on the World Trade Center, or Lebanon, Moret loses her way, and her credibility.

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