In just a sec, I’m going to tell you where to download a hot new speech from Cory Doctorow.

Normally, I stick to the environment and nothing but. That’s right, I want to help save the plentiful Earth as we know it.

But we can’t do it without the freedom to express ourselves, to move around without government or corporate interference. We need all or our creativity unleashed to solve problems like climate change and dying oceans – not a dictatorship – and especially not a “green” totalitarian government.

Is there a totalitarian urge embedded in our new technologies? Many of us dreamed that computers, and later the Internet, would lead to an unstoppable burst of freedom. Now we see people pushing RFID tracking chips for all our kids, cameras on every street corner, and secret rooms in AT&T to record all our Net activities.

Cory Doctorow is a consistent voice calling for privacy, technical freedom, and innovation from below. I was lucky enough to hear and record his “Leonardo Lecture” at Simon Fraser University in Canada. You can find the whole speech at:

It is 76 minutes on the cutting edge, where freedom faces the specter of technical totalitarianism. Must listen audio.

For the sake of really winning when it comes to the environment, we better hope we all get this right. If you are secretly dreaming The Great Green Leader will save us from ourselves, think again. Abdication leads to the pit. All of us are creating this challenge to the Natural world, and all of us are going to be part of the solution.

Incidentally, Cory practices what he preaches. There is no copyright on this speech about freedom of speech. Please, pass it around.

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