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Saving Water Advisor to many cities, Laurence Budd says U.S.Southwest is running out of water. We talk efforts to save - and chances of an exodus to the North, as climate changes. 18 min Lo-Fi 5 MB from Ecoshock 100917

World Water Crisis Maude Barlow speech Vancouver 071030 Pollution, privatization, drying planet. 26 MB 28 min

World Water Woes (Reality Report) Part 1 (15 min) Part 2 (35 min)

Dam Nation Cleo Woelfle-Erskine book 17 min

Public vs. Private Water - Living on Earth 6 min

US Rivers Update - Eco Talk 8 min

Great Lakes Toxic Pipes - GLRC 14 MB 14.5 min

Global Update on Dams and Water - Int Rivers Network 9 MB 9 min

Dams and Climate Change - Int Rivers Network 5 MB 5 min