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David Fleming & Dark Optimism

How can we go on living with impossible problems? Green writer David Fleming influenced the UK Green Party, the Transition Towns movement, & new economics. Fleming passed away in 2010, leaving an unpublished dictionary for our survival. Writer & editor Shaun Chamberlin picked  …


Feed Yourself

QUICK SUMMARY: Oil guru Richard Heinberg on life after fossil fuels. Marjory Wildcraft: why you may want to grow your own groceries. Radio Ecoshock 150408 Five percent of the world’s oil tanker capacity is waiting to load up near Basra Iraq, where production  …


What Kind of Doomer Are You?

SUMMARY: From The Farm in Tennessee, alternative guru Albert Bates rates responses to predictions of doom. Film-maker Anne Macksoud on new movie “The Wisdom to Survive” Plus musical activist Rachelle Van Zanten. List your alternative speakers and writers – Albert Bates probably knows  …


Extreme Rain and Climate Collapse

The biggest climate-driven extreme weather event since Katrina – Boulder’s Carolyn Baker reports on fracking leaks, climate, economic hit. Plus Calif. songwriter Dan Imhoff on new album “Agraria”. —————— Make it rain for those in drought, but make it stop for those in  …


Coping: Climate Anxiety. Preparing: Dehydrating Food

How to cope with climate despair. UK psychotherapist & co-founder of Carbon Conversations, Rosemary Randall. Then a practical alternative to industrial food: learn to dehydrate in season with traditional cooking expert Wardeh Harmon. Radio Ecoshock 130417 1 hour. Listen to/download this Radio Ecoshock  …


Still Walking Away From Empire

http://bit.ly/KSydIX Author of “Walking Away From Empire”, Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson left University of Arizona to go off-grid in New Mexico, in a community-based alternative lifestyle. With clips from new film “Somewhere In New Mexico Before the End of Time”. Talk of collapse,  …

The Beginning of The End

http://bit.ly/IEik8w Economic collapse will come before peak oil or climate disruption, says investment guru Chris Martenson, author of “Crash Course”. Matthew Stein, author of “When Technology Fails” explains how a solar flare could cripple society and set off 400 Chernobyls – and how  …

Growing Through The Storm

What can we learn from the storms and fires? Will gardening still be possible if the climate is disrupted? Where will fertilizer come from after Peak Oil? In this Fall 2011 Kick-off show, we have three interviews. LEARNING FROM HURRICANE IRENE “Peak Oil  …


“How Will We know the crisis has arrived?” The signs are all around us. You know what I’m talking about. As our first guest Ellen Laconte says right on the book cover: “Why so much is going wrong everywhere at once – and  …

Navigating the Chaos – Carolyn Baker interview transcript

Do you get the feeling it is all unwinding, faster and faster? High prices for gas and food, new war and revolution, and nuclear fear. Even the Earth feels unstable, the times untrustworthy. We need professional help, and we get it in this  …


RADIO ECOSHOCK SHOW 101126 It has come to my attention that last week’s show was a bit of a downer, leaving some listeners depressed. A scientist showing a savage economic collapse in a red-hot world by 2100. And a food expert predicting global  …

Surfing Waves of Trouble – Links and commentary

This is Radio Ecoshock – on the triple threat. Peak Oil, climate change, and the crumbling economy. How will you respond? KURT COBB Time after time, Kurt Cobb gets those questions ahead of the curve. Kurt is an independent writer on energy and  …

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