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Why Is the Economy Shrinking? – Richard Heinberg

Endless growth is a delusion with consequences…The spiral of climate change, peak energy, and economic crisis, with author Richard Heinberg. Fresh interview on giant new book “Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth”. Followed by speech to Chicago Bioneers “Life After Growth:  …


Still Walking Away From Empire

http://bit.ly/KSydIX Author of “Walking Away From Empire”, Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson left University of Arizona to go off-grid in New Mexico, in a community-based alternative lifestyle. With clips from new film “Somewhere In New Mexico Before the End of Time”. Talk of collapse,  …

Forever Planting (for Peak Oil & Climate Change)

http://bit.ly/xFN24v Speech by Wes Jackson of the Land Institute to ASPO 2011 (the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas USA) in Washington D.C. Recorded by Gerri Williams for Ecoshock. Plus, carbon-cycle Australian scientist Dr. Michael Raupach of CSIRO on carbon  …

Oil Shock – The No Growth World

http://bit.ly/zVEXwh Radio Ecoshock 120104 Oil Shock the Post-Growth World with Jeff Rubin, Charles Maxwell from ASPO 2011 and interview with Italy’s Ugo Bardi on climate change vs. peak oil. The price of oil hits you at the pump, in your food bill, and  …


READ THE NEW ALEX SMITH INTERVIEW IN GRIST MAGAZINE. Please pass that link, or this short link http://bit.ly/rxc5lj to all your email contacts, or post it in blogs. Add it to comment sections. Help get the word out, so we can get more  …

Robert Walker: From 6 to 7 Billiion

Happy Birthday humans! At the end of October 2011, the 7th billion person will be born on Earth. With over a billion humans already going to bed hungry every night, this may not be a blessed event. Just twelve years after we hit  …

Oil & Coal – How Much Is Left?

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL STATIONS AND TREASURED LISTENERS: SUMMER RADIO ECOSHOCK PROGRAMS I will be uploading 8 programs to Pacifica Audioport, and the publicly available radio4all.net this week, to cover my annual vacation. Load up, and you are set for the Summer. All  …


Studies show humans rate driving and commuting as the most stressful time every day. They are not aware of the harmful fumes filling the car. Or the carbon pouring up into the atmosphere. As times get hotter, they crank up the air-conditioning, burning  …

De-Growth – the Alternative to Collapse II

Should we wait for the oil to run out? Food to run out? For collapse? Or can we plan our way back down, through power-down, simplification, localization? You have heard the big banks, in Europe, America and Japan are actually bankrupt. They still  …

Your Renewable Energy Path Now

Welcome to Earthbeat and Radio Ecoshock. I’m Alex Smith. In this show, you will learn how to slash your carbon emissions, while gaining energy independence – hearing from people who do it now. As climate, peak oil, and economy crash into a perfect  …

Fracking Myths & Climate Capitalism

Worried about high oil prices and exploding nuclear plants? Carry on shoppers, because we’ve found gold right under our feet – a bonanza of natural gas. Yes, fracking will fill your tank, heat your house, and light up the streets for another 100  …

Navigating the Chaos – Carolyn Baker interview transcript

Do you get the feeling it is all unwinding, faster and faster? High prices for gas and food, new war and revolution, and nuclear fear. Even the Earth feels unstable, the times untrustworthy. We need professional help, and we get it in this  …

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