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Why Lie to Ourselves About Methane?

Welcome to another packed Radio Ecoshock show. I’m your tour guide, Alex Smith. This week we look into why the U.S. government, and governments around the world, continue to kid themselves about the power of methane, the number two global warming gas in  …


The High Arctic and Eco-Anxiety

SUMMARY: Disturbing climate news from high Arctic with Paul Beckwith. Handling eco-anxiety with Susie Burke of Australian Psychological Society. Radio Ecoshock 140903 kicks off new fall season. A hearty welcome back to another season of Radio Ecoshock. I’m your tour-guide, Alex Smith. In  …


The Center Sees the Edge: Methane, Science, and Future Food

This week it’s all about new science that matters. A study funded by a founder of fracking finds the natural gas industry is still bleeding tons of methane into our atmosphere. The top body for American Scientists warns we must act now to  …



QUICK SHOW SUMMARY: Author of “American Exodus” Giles Slade sees humans joining plants & animals in migration toward Poles. Paul Beckwith on alarming new Arctic melt science from NASA. Dr. Nathan Phillips on gas leaks in Boston and Washington D.C. Grab it now.  …


Why Is The Weather So Crazy?

Climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains weather distortion & spurt of Arctic methane. NOAA’s Dr. Richard Feely on the threat of ocean acidification. PAUL BECKWITH EXPLAINS THE BIG PICTURE BEHIND OUR STRANGE WEATHER Download or listen to my 38 minute feature interview with Paul  …


The New Truth About Global Warming

In the winter, we dare to ask: why did global warming pause? New science shows it didn’t. Official records grossly underestimated real heating here on Earth. You’ll hear that science unfold. What else has been low-balled? The US EPA estimates of dangerous methane  …


I Have A Confession To Make

Emerging threats analyst and author Robert Marston Fanney on new frontiers of climate change. Dr. Alex Rogers of Oxford: State of the Oceans 2013. Radio Ecoshock 131016 1 hour. Illustration by Marek Okon for Luthiel’s Song by Robert Marston Fanney. Download/listen to this  …


Will Humans Go Extinct Soon?

Investigating claims of near-term extinction for humans. Clips from Guy McPherson, John D. Cox, Dr. David Archer. Interview w. John Michael Greer. Analysis of predictions by Malcolm Light of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG). Radio Ecoshock 130605 1 hour. Listen to/download this  …

What If the Permafrost Thaws? There is more carbon frozen in far North than in all living things & the atmosphere. It has begun to thaw. Interview with Prof. Antoni Lewkowitcz and Academy of Science speech by Dr. Charles Koven. Radio Ecoshock 120530 1 hour. Gas pipelines  …

ARCTIC EMERGENCY Global Threat Maybe we need a big burst of methane to get real climate action. Recent Russian expeditions to the Eastern Siberian coast find plumes of methane into the atmosphere. Is it worse than our own oil and coal pollution? I ask three top  …

Fracking Gas = Climate Crash

For years, governments, industry, and TV ads told us natural gas is the safe bridge fuel while we move away from dirty coal and oil. Cornell University scientist Robert Howarth wondered “Is that true?”. When Howarth found no science to back up big  …

Bastards of a Dying World

Welcome to another packed show from Radio Ecoshock! This week we cover: * behind-the-scenes panic over reports of methane blowing out of the sea-bed in the Eastern Arctic. This could dramatically increase global warming. * activist resistance against a wave of gas frackin  …

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