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Poisoned Flag: Testimony of 2 U.S. Sailors Nuked by Fukushima

SPECIAL BULLETIN Two U.S. sailors tell their stories of being poisoned with radioactivity aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan during the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan. Quartermasters Maurice Enis, and Jaime Plym, now out of the Navy, speak in New York City,  …

The Worst Problems In The World Could the collapse of the fuel pool at Fukushima Reactor #4 endanger the Northern Hemisphere? Nuclear industry executive Arnie Gundersen explains. Then a top Canadian scientist exposes a scandalous government cover-up of poisons moving from the Tar Sands to dying aboriginal people.  …

Relapse and Recovery A fresh update on Japan after the tsunami and nuclear accident with Warren Karlenzig. Is it a chance to build new green cities, or a vision of what we all face as the oil runs out? Then a quick interview with anti-nuclear  …

Fukushima Disaster – One Year Later From “Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – One Year After” nuke expert Arnold Gundersen & 2 Japanese activists from Fukushima. Radio Ecoshock 120314 Music bed credit: drums by Vastmandana On the anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan, I am taking  …

FUKUSHIMA: TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES Japan announces a fake “cold shutdown” & a new study says 14,000 Americans died of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident. COLD SHUTDOWN AT FUKUSHIMA – THE BIG LIE In his infamous 1925 book “Mein Kamptf” Adolf Hitler coined the term “the  …

U.S. Nuclear Scares, Fukushima Update, and De-Growth

Three nuclear facilities in the United States hovered on the brink of catastrophe in the last month of June 2011 – due to climate change. Nuclear reactors and labs depend upon a relatively stable climate. A single accident could permanently withdraw a large  …


The oceans are dying, says a team of top scientists. The causes are all human: overfishing wiping out key species, warmer waters from a warming world, dying coral which supported millions of species, pollution like fertilizers causing deadly algae blooms and dead zones,  …

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