Build A Geothermal Greenhouse In Your Backyard
Can geothermal energy power your back yard greenhouse? Radio Ecoshock host Alex Smith’s video course shows you how, from the ground up, with 3 years of testing in all seasons – in Canada! Five hours of videos shot during construction and operation, plus photos and graphs.


Introduction Video – Length: 11:14


Short introduction to this course. Why home geothermal in a greenhouse? How to grow food or herbs in winter. Strength and weakness of geothermal energy for home use. Using my photos and videos – recorded all through construction and three years of testing and growing.

Course Videos

Video 1: Plan Ahead
The planning stage. Space required. Test hole. Permits. Bed size. Managing fill. Finding cheap glass. Heat pump & wood stove. Location & orientation. Pre-assemble pipes. Cost of excavation, gravel.
Length: 29:50

Video 2: Underground Engine
Geothermal theory. What to expect. Earth battery vs geothermal. Home vs commercial. Types of pipe. Pipe layout. Vertical vs horizontal beds. Passive heat/cooling. Stone storage. Gravel needs.
Length: 18:56

Video 3: Foundation
3 special requirements geo-foundation. Making footer. Water level. Building block wall. Reinforcing steel. Water & electric to greenhouse. Who can do it.
Length: 24:35

Video 4: Greenhouse Framing
Bolting frame to block. Post & beams for big windows. Make laminated beams. Snow load. Make roof trusses. Screws vs nails. Stabilizing frame.
Length: 23:28

Video 5: Install Glass
Finding cheap glass. Safety glass vs polycarbonate. When glass breaks. Make water-tight roof. Shedding snow. Seal glass right. Roof ladder. Wall windows. Insulated door.
Length: 24:42

Video 6: Wiring & Vents
Greenhouse safe wiring. Waterproof plugs. Temperature controller. Auto fan & vents. Geo-fan. Making switch controls. Interval and variable controls. Breaking in a new system.
Length: 27:52

Video 7 (2 Parts): Winter Tools & Trials
Heat for winter. Affordable small wood stove. Forget heat cables. Blackout curtains. Make insulated shutters. Plants need heat. My budget heat pump. Results over 3 winters.
Part A: Length: 26:07
Part B: Length: 22:00

Video 8 (2 Parts): Grow Lights & Automate
4 types of grow lights. Testing variable spectrum light. Best remote temperature gauge. Automating everything.
Part A: Length: 25:46
Part B: Length: 25:45

Video 9: Summer Heat, Bugs, Humidity
Tools to control heat & humidity. Greenhouse as drying room. Swamp cooler, misters, shade tarp. Geothermal cooling. Organic pest control. Cleaning greenhouse.
Length: 34:38

Video 10: Future Of Geothermal
Home vs commercial. Geothermal for houses. Payback. Geo preppers. Climate change. Contact info.
Length: 12:47

Video Specs

Number of videos: 12
Total course length: 5 hours 8 minutes