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CAFO – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations The horrible truth about our meat production practices. Interview with Daniel Imhoff, editor of 2 new books on factory farm production. From Ecoshock 101015 Lo-Fi 4 MB 19 min

Speaking Up for Animals Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA
Speech 1 – 28 min 6 MB Lo-Fi
Speech 2 – 6 MB Lo-Fi

US Endangered Species Act Endangered 7 min

Amazon Drought Very Serious – Eco Talk 12 MB 12 min

Warming Brings Extinctions 2 min

Half Amazon Rainforest Dying – 4 min

THOMAS LOVEJOY founder of concept of “biodiversity” in Ecoshock interview update on the species and climate change. From Radio Ecoshock 130213 16 min CD Quality 14 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

Adventures with Ants Entemologist Mark Moffett from Ecoshock 100611. Ant wars, invasive ants, and how they handle climate change. 20 min CD Quality 17 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

The Great Extinction Crisis
Dr. Barry Brook to Int. Science School July 07 Part One “Extinction Past and Future” 66 min CD quality 62 MB, or Lo-Fi 15 MB; Part Two “Biodiversity in a Changing World” 68 min 64 MB, or Lo-Fi 16 MB

The Great Extinction – Ecoshock features with E.O. Wilson. 19 min

Dominion: Animal Suffering with Bobby Kennedy 10 min

Science: How We Know the Species 8 min.

Biodiversity and Conservation. Harvard Lecture by E.O. Wilson, warning half species could disappear.
Part One – 25 min
Part Two – 22 min

Factory Pig Farming Still hungry? Horrific treatment of intelligent animals produces unsafe pork. A World of Possibilities explores American hog market. 080303 55 min Lo-Fi (13 MB)

G8, Climate and Biodiversity 5 min

Protecting Species in Congo – 10 min

Boreal Forest Protest, CKLN Toronto 5 MB 5 min

Biodiversity in Europe 7 min

Trying to Save Frogs 2 min

Biodiversity Loss Impacts Human Health. Lecture by Eric Chivian, Feb 06.
Part One – 31 min
Part Two – 25 min

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