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Geoengineering Plankton at Haida Gwaii Serial climate hacker Russ George (Planktos) leads indigenous villagers to dump iron into the sea – a secret geoengineering project off Canada’s West Coast. Press conference statements (recorded by Alex Smith) by the Haida Old Massett Village Chief, Ken Rea and Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation President John Disney (16 min) in CD Quality or Lo-Fi; statement by HSRC marine lawyer James L. Straith CD quality or Lo-Fi. See Radio Ecoshock 121024 blog here. Transcript of Chief Rea and Disney at Press Conference. Transcript of Question and Answer period Press Conf. (prepared by Alex Smith).

Disappearing Fisheries: Ecoshock review and highlights of speech by Dr. Daniel Pauly 45 MB 48 min

Sharks Being Killed Off 3 min

David Helvarg – 50 Ways to Save the OceanPart One 22 min Part Two 23 min

Warmer Oceans Mean Less Plankton 3 min

Oceans Go Acid from CO2 – Elizabeth Kolbert on Ecotalk 17 min

Fish Collapse by 2048 Seafood going…gone, scientists say. 16 min.

Destructive Bottom Trawling – ABC National 6 MB 6 min

Trawling Killing Ocean Floor – 29 min

CO2 Acid Damage to Oceans – TUC 13 MB 29 min

Deep Sea Damage 6 min

David Suzuki: Ocean Fished Out – 6 min

State of the Oceans – WWF 6 min

Losing Reefs Coral Bleaching – 10 min

Saving Whales Now 28 min

THE AGE OF OCEAN WARMING 90% of global warming goes into the ocean. Heating seas change storms and species now, and for 100’s of years into future. Dr. Josh Willis of NASA explains how. Dr. Alistair Hobday of CSIRO Australia on marine species impact. Biggest under-reported story of our times. Plus sample from “The Climate Show” New Zealand. Radio Ecoshock 110411 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Show blog with links.

FISH FARMING Salmon Aquaculture Panel: Possible Solutions organized by Rev. Lois Boxill, Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver. Catherine Stewart (CARR and Living Oceans) on action to get closed containment. 33 min CD Quality 33 MB or Lo-Fi 8 MB Dr. Bill Rees, UBC, co-inventor of ecological footprint – Industrial fishing is unsustainable. 29 min CD Quality 26 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB Chief Simon Lucas of Vancouver Island – the assault on wild fisheries, and his people. 23 min CD Quality 21 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB Recorded 100427.

BRAVE NEW OCEAN Jeremy Jackson of Scripps Institution’s seminal talk, from March 2006 video. Oceans are stripped of life, heating up, more acid. Approaching conditions of mass extinction. 43 min Lo-Fi

DEEP TROUBLE – OUR OCEANS Is it the end of fish? Dr. Daniel Pauly says it is. Interviews: Dr. Jennifer Jacquet, Sea Around Us on fish to pigs and chickens. Catherine Stewart,”Living Oceans Society,” on perils of fish-farming. Quotes from Daniel Pauly. All ocean call for action. Ecoshock 091127 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Credit “End of Fish” The New Republic.

OCEAN ACIDIFICATION Ecoshock interview with Dr. Richard A. Feely of NOAA. Why oceans are becoming more acid, the impact at the bottom of the food chain. Also – why geo-engineering proposals will make oceans worse. 5 MB Lo-Fi 19 minutes.

TIDAL POWER Is it real? Review of world projects and speech by Martin Burger, CEO of Blue Energy. Subtext: do we need a wave of mass conciousness to bring carbonless energy? Burger also touches on “lost” technology. Original recording at SFU Vancouver 090126 presented by New Energy Movement Canada. Ecoshock Show 090206 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Gwaii Haanas Marine Park Will Canada finally create its first (!) Marine Protected Area off the former Queen Charlotte Islands? Two Parks Canada speakers, Cliif Robinson and Nick Irving on vision for Canada’s ocean, and West Coast protection. 1 hour Lo-Fi 14 MB.

LAMENT FOR A NATION’S OCEANS Dr. Jeff Hutchings on mismanagement and decline of world’s longest coastline resources – Canada. Hutchings is top advisor to government on endangered species and fisheries expert. At SFU Wosk Centre 081022 Speech 68 minutes CD Quality 63 MB or Lo-Fi 16 MB; Responses by BC Govt and Prof D. Pauly plus Q and A 59 min CD Quality 55 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Paul Watson in London June 5, 2008. Update on campaign to protect whales, seals, all sea creatures by famous ocean activist, founder of Sea Shepherd Society. Audio rough first two minutes, gets better, well worth your time. 35 min. CD Quality 33 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB

Smithsonian’s Knowlton: Oceans Code Red Nancy Knowlton, Marine Chair at Smithsonian, says ocean threats are urgent. The buzz from latest American Academy meeting in Boston. CD Quality 11 MB, 11 min

Mapping Ocean Damage Ben Halpern creates 1st global view of over-lapping human impacts on the ocean. We are everywhere, and it’s not pretty. CD Quality 11 MB, 12 min

UN Report: IN DEAD WATER From Norway, Dr. Christian Nellemann, lead author of UNEP report “In Dead Water” – dire predictions for fisheries and all ocean life. CD Quality 11 MB, 12 min

Fish Farms Killing Off Wild Salmon Panel on “Discussion” program, CFRO radio Vancouver Alexander Morton, Catherine Stewart, Chief Bill Cramner, Chief Bob Chamberlain 1 hour CD Quality 54 MB or Lo-Fi 13 MB

Closed Containment Fish Farms BC Gov’t report recommends (w Catherine Stewart) 11 MB 12 min

FISH FARMS KILL SEA LIONS BC fish farms toll on marine mammals exposed (with Catherine Stewart) 11 min

Global Fisheries: Are the Gloom and Doom Justified? Dr. Daniel Pauly UBC March 10, 2007 Expert world view of overfishing, trawling damage, aquaculture, and “culls” of marine mammals. Speech (57 MB 1 hour); Question and Answer (21 MB 22 min)

Oceans All Fished Out major food species Part One 29 min Part Two 24 min

Murder in the Deep popular Ecoshock feature 11 min

VALDEZ TRUTH Speech Dr. Riki Ott April 26 06 Vancouver. Lasting impacts, Exxon coverup, dangers of tanker traffic and toxicity of oil.
Part One 26 MB 29 min
Part Two 20 MB 22 min

Arctic Tankers: Case of Norway 6 min

Ocean Health Crashing 12 min

Pharmaceuticals in Fish – Earth Watch 2 MB 2 min

Ocean Trawler Sea Floor Damage – Oceana 5 min

Destruction of the Cod Fishery – Living on Earth 18 MB 19 min

Fragile Ocean Health – National Radio Project 29 min

Deep Sea Trouble 9 min

GM Salmon: RunAway Life Clip 9 min

Oceans in Peril (Witty) 12 min

Warmer Seas Affect Plankton 8 min

Sea Lice Killing Wild Salmon – Clips from 3 min 3 MB

Red Tide 5 min

Sustainable Feed for Fish Farms 9 min

Organic Seafood – Salmon – Living on Earth 4 min

Deconstructing Dinner
Risks of BC Farmed Salmon
Part 1 (Intro)
Part 2 (w Alexandra Morton & DSF)
Part 3 (w Catherine Stewart & industry)

Ocean Conservation and Aquaculture 28 min

Open Sea Fish Farms – Part 1 – The Conversation 24 min

Open Sea Fish Farms – Part 2 The Conversation 21 min

Beware Toxic Fish Farms – CBC Quirks and Quarks 10 min

David Helvarg – Blue Frontier – Oceans and Hurricanes 17 min

CO2 Killing Coral 9 min

Europe’s Fisheries in Trouble 5 min

PLANKTOS: ALGAE SEEDING FOR CARBON CREDITS Company plans to create plankton blooms to capture CO2. Who are they, and will it work? Part 1: Radio Ecoshock full-show interview with Planktos CEO Russell George (56 MB 1 hr); Part 2: “The Intervention” 3 critics respond + Alex Smith’s take. (Ecoshock show – 56 MB 1 hr) Greenpeace (9 min)Science Unit, ETC Group (9 min), and David Baines (16 min)(newspaper business columnist.)

Steve Shallhorn, Greenpeace Australia plus news on burned out ship and whaling in sanctuary. 15 MB 16 min

“Extinct” Glass Sponge Reefs Found in BC, Dr. Manfred Krauter biopaleontologist 7 MB 8 min.

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