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LEARN TO DEHYDRATE FOOD with Traditional Cooking expert Wardeh Harmon. Part of GNOWFLINS using organic food, locally grown, in season. Good tips from Radio Ecoshock 130417. 23 minutes in CD Quality or Lo-Fi.

GROWING INDOORS UNDER LIGHTS and saving climate at the same time. Interview with sustainability inventor Philip Be’er, owner of Home Harvest Farms. From Radio Ecoshock 130306 32 minutes CD Quality 29 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

SMALL SCALE, LOW ENERGY FARMING Interview with Walter Haugen, author of “The Laws of Physics Are On My Side”. How a spreadsheet can help you know what grows, what works, on one very productive acre. From Radio Ecoshock 130306 11 minutes CD Quality 10 MB or Lo-Fi 3 MB

AFRICAN AMERICAN SURVIVAL GARDENING Heritage foodways & culinary historian Michael W. Twitty interviewed for Radio Ecoshock by Gerri Williams. From 130220 show 26 min CD Quality 24 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

URBAN FARMING IN ATLANTA K. Rachid Nuri, international food expert, now leads Truly Living Well urban farm in Georgia. Interview w. Alex Smith from Radio Ecoshock 130220 24 min CD Quality 21 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

WINTER GARDENING, GUERRILLA GARDENING Master winter gardener Eliot Coleman (mp3 23 min) grows year round in Maine, USA with unheated hoop houses. UK guerrilla gardener Chris Tomlinson (mp3 9 min) plants public and private spaces with more food. YouTube rant (mp3 9 min) from Texas warns global famine from climate change could come soon. Plus winter visit to winter greenhouse at U. of Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming (mp3 18 min) from CFRU Locavore show. Full show Radio Ecoshock 111207 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

ORGANIZING FOR LOCAL FOOD PRODUCTION How Cabbarus County North Carolina set up a Local Food Council, an incubator farm (to create new farmers from gardeners), and a policy of 10% local food for all facilities (from prisons to old folks homes). Speech by County organizer Aaron Newton to ASPO 2011, the Peak Oil conference in D.C. November 2011. 14 minutes Radio Ecoshock 111130 CD Quality or Lo-Fi.

GROW YOUR OWN FOOD IN THE CITY Grow where you are. On standard lot in Pasadena California, Jules Dervaes and family grow tons of produce. Learn tips and techniques. Also, how a garden can survive “global weirding” – destabilized climate. From Radio Ecoshock 110907 20 minutes CD Quality 18 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

LOCAL FOOD – GROWING SANE Five years after the “100 Mile Diet“, authors James Mackinnon and Alisa Smith tour us through their top ten local food projects. From the Napa Valley to New York. Winter farming in Michigan. In Canada, Toronto out-pacing Vancouver. Great talk, inspiring ideas for your food security. Music: “Sold” by Dan Mangan Speech notes with links here. Radio Ecoshock 101203 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

THE COMING GLOBAL FAMINE In new book “The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do To Avoid It” – Australian science writer Julian Cribb Not just climate change, but peak fertilizer, dwindling water supplies, and billions more people to feed. This will not just hit poor countries, but the cost of your food, in A global market. Cities are especially at risk. From Radio Ecoshock 101119 22 min CD Quality or Lo-Fi

SURVEY OF URBAN GARDENING IN AMERICA Mass Biker Chris Carrlson update on attempts to feed ourselves within cities. Good ideas. Audio courtesy Unwelcome Guests. 9 min – CD Quality or Lo-Fi

GREENHORNS The young farmers movement, with film maker and dirt farmer Severine von Tscharner Fleming of Greenhorn Radio. Community supported agriculture, organic, getting out, or feed the city, from the city. 25 min CD Quality 23 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

Sharon Astyk, says we need a nation of farmers. As the oil and fertilizer get scarce, as climate disrupts the rivers and crops, we all need to know how to feed ourselves from the ground up. 25 min CD Quality 24 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

World Food Crisis Explained Grain expert and founder of World Watch, Lester Brown on conference call for the press. Food crisis is not temporary, but permanent. Brown explains why. Lo-Fi 43 min.

Savoring Swine: The Economics and Politics of Pork A World of Possibilities (includes factory farming) 55 min CD Quality 52 MB or Lo-Fi 13 MB

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