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BANKRUPT EUROPE From “The Automatic Earth” top finance blogger Ilargi explains Europe’s unwinding – and blow-back on American banks. The hype of trying to paper over extreme debt with more debt. Must it all crash? From Radio Ecoshock 111005 17 min CD Quality 8 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

DE-GROWTH BEST OPTION Why wait till collapse? Two speakers on “De-Growth” from Vancouver Conference June 3. Dr. Bill Rees (ecological footprint) and Conrad Schmidt (Work Less Party). from Radio Ecoshock 110629 Part 2 27 MB 29 min

THE TROUBLE WITH BILLIONAIRES – As wealth is sucked to the top, society weakens. Professor Neil Brooks and award-winning journaist and author Linda McQuaig speak on their new book at Vancouver Public Library October 3, 2010. Why Bill Gates, and Wall St. vultures do not deserve their wealth. Democracy becomes Plutocracy in a hidden coup. Radio edit. Full speech by Neil (43 min) and Linda (52 min) available. Recorded by Alex Smith. Song clip “Billonaires” by Dana Pearson. Radio Ecoshock 101112 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

REAL WEALTH VS. PHANTOM WEALTH Where does money come from? Who controls it? What are our options? Radio edit of speech by David Korten to UBC Reads Sustainability program, Vancouver Sept 27, 2010 Author of “When Corporations Rule the World” and now “Agenda for a New Economy.” 30 min Lo-Fi

THE COMING DEPRESSION Blogger Stoneleigh from The Automatic Earth explains how deflation impacts our lives. Prepare as you can – as all levels of government, plus the banks, head into bankruptcy. From Ecoshock 100917 Show 20 min Lo-Fi 5 MB

DEGROWTH – Planned contraction (before the collapse). 1st North American Conference April 29 – May 1 2010, Vancouver, Canada. Intro by Rex Weyler, plus Tom Walker on Barcelona Conf. Lo-Fi 8 min 2 Mb. Overview of peak fossil fuels by ASPO’S Dave Hughes Lo-Fi 30 min 7 MB. Maximum human population, Jack Alpert Lo-Fi 12 min 3 MB. Anita Burke on degrowth Lo-Fi 27 min 6 MB. Rick Balfour reducing city impacts Lo-Fi 16 min 4 MB For info:

Consumerism Killing the Planet Interview with project director Erik Assadourian on Worldwatch State of the World 2010 report. Plus my review. Suggests how to use institutions to transform consumer culture into sustainability. See also this blog entry for links to reactions from Monbiot and others. From Ecoshock Show 100212 30 min CD Quality 28 MB or Lo-Fi 7 MB

PROSPERITY WITHOUT GROWTH Professor Tim Jackson, advisor to UK gov’t. New book on “Economics for a Finite Planet”. Does’t duck challenges of peak oil, climate or economic crisis. Redefining “prosperity” beyond GDP. Interview from Ecoshock Show 091120 22 min CD Quality 20 MB or Lo-Fi 5 MB

Karmabanque Radio Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk out lies and damned lies about the economic crisis. Dead shipping, savers penalized, national defaults. Funny too. Recorded 081110 49 min Lo-Fi

RUNAWAY TRAIN Finance and Climate Crisis How we go bankrupt; the currency crisis from Max Keiser et al. Then Jim Laurie interview: how we can save the climate without spending a trillion dollars. Ecoshock Show 081031 1 hour, CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

NAOMI KLEIN Shock Doctrine Now! Rocking speech from Santa Cruz Oct 17th 08 on Rise of Disaster Capitalism – developed from current affairs. How the big boys use the finance crisis. Ecoshock 081024 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

THE PROLONGED CRASH Investigation into why FDIC and Federal Reserve took over a trillion in toxic trash for the taxpayer. Also James H. Kuntsler on deep reasons crash of America is inevitable (Peak Oil X greed = obvious disaster). News of global bailouts and why they will fail. Meanwhile, climate threat grinds on – remember Galveston? Also: where are the protests? Ecoshock Show 081003 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

A CLIMATE OF CRASH AND CHOICE Finance and elections. Mike Whitney on Wall Street mess -Bush’s plan to grab the money and run. Voting for climate action. Brianna Cayo Cotter U.S.; Tzeporah Berman speech introducing Also Rep Ed Markey webcast on new Green Jobs initiative. Plus some fun (e.g. George Carlin) and music. Ecoshock Show 080926 1 hour, CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

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