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GREEN MUSIC FESTIVAL Annual eco-music collection. Playlist “Change Change” Thistle (Canada); “Dirty Town” Mother Mother (Canada); “My Water’s On Fire Tonight” David Holmes, Dean Bekker (Australia); “Fukushima Song, Talkin’ End Game” Michel Montecrossa (Germany); “Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth” Neko Case (USA); “Alternative Energy 1” Combat Wombat (Australia); “Our Ocean” Te Vaka (New Zealand); “Don’t Kilowatt” Million Dollar Nile (US); “Hallowed Be Thy Ground” Caey Neill (USA); “Earth” Imogen Heap (USA); “Where We Going To Go?” David Todds/Ellis Music (USA); “Run Away Train” Eliza Gilkyson (USA); + [Occupy Songs] “”We Are The Many” Makana (USA); “Occupy Wall Street (We’re Going To Stay Right Here)” David Rovics (USA); [more green music] “When the Oil Runs Dry” David Rovics; “Power From Above” Dan Berggren (USA) Find links to all the bands and some You tube videos at Radio Ecoshock 111221 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

CLIMATE DOWN IN DURBAN Keep on polluting until 2020! Durban climate talks wrap up. Indian analyst Praful Biwai prefers failure to empty climate agreement at CO17 Durban Dec 2011. Courtesy Stephen Leahy. James Hansen clips from AGU San Francisco Dec 6. (Full video here) Durban wrap up with Janet Redman of IPS, including roles of Canada, U.S. and China. Australia Prof. Michael Raupach on burst of new carbon. More in show blog. Radio Ecoshock 111214 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

5 YEARS TO CLIMATE HELL International Energy Agency says only 5 years to shift away from fossil fuels before catastrophic climate change unavoidable. Interview with Diana Bronson (20 min) of ETCgroup on geoengineering and climate genes. Press teleconference (22 min) clips with Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute, saying U.S. emissions are falling. Interview with Emily James (19 min), maker of new film on climate activism in UK “Just Do It.” Ends with clip of Occupy movement song “We Are the Many” by Makana, snuk into APEC leaders’ dinner. Radio Ecoshock 111116 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE Dr. Alder Stone Fuller asks, are we in it now? Gently increasing graphs shown by IPCC do not mask new science of how climate changes (it can shift big time, within 10 years.) Inspired by James Lovelock, Alder Stone teaches Gaia 101, encourages “adaptability” and “shock-proofing”. With readings by Dianne Dumanoski, author of “The End of the Long Summer”. One of our most important interviews. From Radio Ecoshock 111015 Part 1 24 minutes, Part 2 17 minutes.

ARCTIC METHANE FLARES Emergency research ship to Eastern Arctic in Sept 2011 to check methane “torches” coming from seabed into the atmosphere. Could herald extreme climate change (as happened 56 million years ago, when 90% of all species went extinct). News reported only in Russian media. From Radio Ecoshock 111012 5 minutes CD Quality 3 MB or Lo-Fi 2 MB

LESSONS FROM HURRICANES As climate destabilizes, Prepper and Peak Oil shrink Kathy McMahon finds Vermont threat different from what TV says. Lessons from Hurricane Irene show importance of moving from “mental maps” to reality during crisis. From Radio Ecoshock 110907 23 minutes CD Quality 11 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

TZEPORAH BERMAN ECOSHOCK INTERVIEW What makes an activist? From college student to voice of the ancient forest, and now co-director of the Greenpeace International campaign to save the climate. All in new autobiography “The Crazy Time” co-written with Mark Leiren-Young. From Radio Ecoshock 110914 24 minutes CD Quality 12 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

TZEPORAH BERMAN “THIS CRAZY TIME” Book launch speech from famous green activist. Spokeswoman at Clayoquot Sound ancient forest protest, campaigner at Forest Ethics on Great Bear Rainforest deal, now Co-Director of Greenpeace Climate and Energy Campaign. Recorded by Alex Smith in Vancouver 110907 28 minutes CD Quality 15 MB or Lo-Fi 8 MB

ELECTRICITY AND COAL IN INDIA Expert Shankar Sharma on coal and better rewewable options. India approved 173 new coal-fired power plants in 2011 alone. Protests, coal shortages, power shortages. Inside India from Radio Ecoshock 110928 21 min CD Quality 11 MB or Lo-Fi 6 MB

INDONESIA PEAT FIRES Prof. Florian Siegert, Ludwig-Maximillians U, Munich explains how tropical peat fires alone could change our climate. In ’97, Indonesian peat fires made 15% of all human-induced greenhouse gases. 1998 set a new heat record.In summer and fall of 2011, those fires are back. From Ecoshock 110928 15 minutes CD Quality 7 MB or Lo-Fi 4 MB

FLOOD FIRE WIND – Climate Shift From the Weather Underground, meteorologist Jeff Masters explains killer tornadoes, record floods, Texas drought, with an eye to climate. Climate Progress blogger and energy expert Joe Romm on weather and climate, plus new science on “salt surges.” Canadian wild fire expert Mike Flannigan on Boreal and Tundra fires. Radio Ecoshock 110527 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

BILL MCKIBBEN Last Stand for Climate Founder of 7 author of “Eaarth” gives update and advice in this fresh speech recorded at UBC in Vancouver, Canada by Alex Smith. Selections from speech + some Q and A. Covers civil disobedience, fossil lobby, organizing, coming action day Sept 24th, and more. Radio Ecoshock 110422 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Download full speech here (55 min); Q and A here (24 min) Courtesy The Vancouver Institute.

THE AGE OF OCEAN WARMING 90% of global warming goes into the ocean. Heating seas change storms and species now, and for 100’s of years into future. Dr. Josh Willis of NASA explains how. Dr. Alistair Hobday of CSIRO Australia on marine species impact. Biggest under-reported story of our times. Plus sample from “The Climate Show” New Zealand. Radio Ecoshock 110411 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Show blog with links.

Prof. Matthew England, Climate Change Research Centre, Sydney – on Australia’s terrible floods. Our unstable future.

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