Nov. 27, 2011: “Climate Activism: Just Do It Interview with Emily James, maker of new film on climate activism in UK “Just Do It“. Goes underground with Climate Camp (forerunner of the Occupy movement) and youth organizing protests againt major corporate climate pollution. Plus Karen Nyhus interviews Transition USA head Carolyne Stayton 111127 24 minutes

Nov. 20, 2011: “Plane Justice – Banned in America UK activists stopped from telling public about health impacts & warming emissions from aviation industry. John Stewart (campaigner of the year) tells all. Part of the Aviation Justice Tour as thousands of U.S and Canadian airports plan expansions, despite peak oil, bad economy and horrible climate impacts. Music theme: “Jet Airliner” by The Steve Miller Band. 111120 24 minutes

Nov. 6, 2011: “Durban Conference of the Polluters – Patrick Bond The UN COP-17 climate talks in South Africa. Prof. Patrick Bond, U of KwaZulu-Natal says be glad Copenhagen & Cancun talks failed! Durban too. It’s a deal that just keeps on polluting. 111113 24 minutes.

Nov. 6, 2011: “LIVE FROM OCCUPY OAKLAND Interviews of marchers in General Strike Nov 2nd, 2011 by Karen Nyhus. From ordinary folk to enviro activists calling for climate justice. 111106 24 minutes.

Oct. 30, 2011: “Homeless in America Americans are threatened with homelessness. Bankrupt governments are not responding. Could you hack it? Anti-homeless laws used against Occupy Movement. Alex interviews homeless advocates in NYC & San Francisco. 10,000 or more homeless school kids in New York. Illegal to sit or lie in San Francisco. 111030 24 minutes.

Oct. 23, 2011: “Robert Walker – From 6 to 7 Billion Population Robert Walker of the Population institute on his new report “From 6 Billion to 7 Billion”(PDF). In 1999, at 6 billion, the economy & hopes for climate action was much brighter. Educating & empowering women is the answer. 24 minutes. 111023

Oct. 23, 2011: “Oil industry film “Greedy Lying Bastards” Interview with Craig Rosebraugh on new film on Big Oil “Greedy Lying Bastards“. Travelling the world to look at impact of oil spills, including BP Deepwater Horizon and poisoning the Gulf. 24 minutes.

Oct. 16, 2011: “Sudden Climate Change – Alder Stone Fuller 2 Alder Stone Fuller on risk of abrupt & violent climate change. Major scientists warn 8 degree rise in a decade possible in shift. Time to “shock-proof” our basic system and your life. Part 2 of 2. 24 minutes.

Oct. 9, 2011: “Sudden Climate Change – Alder Stone Fuller 1 Alder Stone Fuller on risk of abrupt & violent climate change. Major scientists warn 8 degree rise in a decade possible in shift. Time to “shock-proof” our basic system and your life. Part 1 of 2. 24 minutes.

Oct. 2, 2011: “Indonesia Peat Fires Threaten Global Climate Interview with German scientist Florian Siegert, Ludwig-Maxmillians University, Munich, who monitors Indonesian fires from space. More forest fires in Indonesia than Amazon. Peat fires there threaten the world atmosphere. 24 minutes.

Sept. 25, 2011: “Climate Change Brings Tropical Diseases to America Dengue fever in America (what it is, what to do). From the Caribbean, Dengue fever has been found in Florida and Texas. It is just one of several tropical disdeases moving north as the world warms. From Ecoshock 110921 24 minutes.

Sept. 25, 2011: “This Crazy Time – Tzeporah Berman Interview Tzeporah Berman, of Forest Ethics, now co-dirctor of the Climate & Energy Campaign for Greenpeace. Plus clip from launch of her new book “This Crazy Time”. 24 minutes.

Sept. 18, 2011: “Naomi Klein on Pipelines and Tar Sands From Earthbeat radio reporter Daphne Wysham, Naomi Klein outside the White House, at Keystone XL Piepline protest. Exposes conspiracy to export Tar Sands oil to Europe, using cloak of American patriotism. With Indigenous Env. Network Dir. Tom Goldtooth & Tar Sands victims. Radio Ecoshock 110914 24 minutes

Sept. 11, 2011: “Growing Tons of Food on a City Lot – Jules Dervaes Urban homesteader Jules Dervaes explains growing tons of food on a standard city lot in California – plus tips for garden survival in “global wierding”. 24 minutes

Sept. 4, 2011: “Managing Expectations in Crisis – Kathy McMahon Reporting after Hurricane Irene struck New England, “Peak Oil Shrink” Kathy McMahon talks about coping with real, not imagined, disaster. Our expectations can be our biggest problem when faced with economic, climate, or energy challenges. Also the risk of a nearby nuclear plant wears on this “Prepper”. 24 minutes.

Jan. 2, 2011: “Cancun: Forward or Fraud? – Part 2 Interviews after the United Nations Cop-16 Climate talks in Cancun, Mexico. Anarchist film-maker Franklin Lopez reports on action outside the fence. British host of “Climate Radio,” Phil England has the Euro perspective. Fascinating look inside climate activism.

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