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ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE Sir James Lovelock speech to Royal Academy Oct 29th, 2007. IPCC has underestimated scope and rapidity of global heating. Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia hypothesis, says we begin a rapid shift to a hot-state planet. Time to adapt, but billions may die. One of top speeches of 2007. Required listening. 1 hr 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

Bali Climate Conference Fails Audio reaction from around the world, including Greens. Plus: update on Planktos algae seeding demise; Polar Cities (Taiwan calling); Uranium protester Donna Dillman; world food crisis – jam-packed show. Ecoshock 071221 1 hour 56 MB CD Quality. Or LoFi 14 MB

Abrupt Arctic Meltdown Why is the Arctic Sea becoming an open ocean in summer? Latest science digest, radio clip on damage to Northern landscape, clips from ice scientists panel to Congress November 28th, 2007. Models and IPCC failed to predict this rapid change. Facts behind the headlines. Ecoshock show 071214 1 hour 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB

What A Way to Go Life at the End of Empire. Interview with film makers re multiple crisis points from Peak Oil to climate change, population, etc. Plus: Canada’s Deadly Secret author Jim Harding on world’s biggest supply of uranium. Ecoshock show 071207 1 hour 56 MB (CD Quality) or Lo-Fi 14 MB

JAMES HANSEN: LATEST CLIMATE SCIENCE Top NASA scientist explains newest understanding of Earth’s climate system. Ecoshock show 071130 56 MB 1 hour. Rebroadcast with permission from TUC Radio in San Francisco. Speech in Houston Oct 24th, 2007. One of most important of the year.

CLIMATE and CAPITALISM Ecoshock show 071123 1 hr American Titanic Steady as She Sinks – navigating the U.S. financial crisis with indie journalist Mike Whitney. Then Canadian educator/author Ian Angus speech “Climate and Capitalism” (must Capitalism fall to save the climate?)

BURNING DOWN THE WEST Wildfires stoke the carbon load. Ecoshock Show 071116 (1 hr) Interview: Dr. Tom Gower, saying fires in N. Canada make positive feedback; speech by Temperate Rainforest activist Pas Rasumussen – why she is now a climate activist as well. Echoes by Andrea Reimer of the Wilderness Committee. New research on the Rockies burning by Lara Kueppers; were California fires climate change? And a bit of George Monbiot.

WORLD WATER CRISIS Ecoshock show 071109 Maude Barlow on global freshwater crisis, water privatization, bottled crap. Speech, Vancouver 071030. Plus: Britain’s Chief Scientist Sir David King on serious climate threat, a starving voice by the road, and Goodall on primate extinctions. 1 hr.

A RAY OF HOPE Ecoshock 071102 (59 min) Paul Hawken’s speech to Long Now Foundation, on his new book “Blessed Unrest.” Progressive groups are the largest unseen movement in history. Plus Canada’s Maude Barlow on hope, in desperate times.

PLOTTING THE GREEN DEATH – 2 “Death of Environmentalism” boys, Shellenberger and Nordhaus, and the Nathan Cummings Foundation, which pays for green bashing. Plus Dr. John Terborgh author of “Requiem for Nature.” Song: “Another Day” by Tim O’Brien Ecoshock 071026 58 min 14 MB. Transcript

PLOTTING THE GREEN DEATH The “Grim Reapers”, Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus are at it again, claiming “environmentalism is dead“. New book “Break Through”, interview the authors, plus Peggy Shepard of WE ACT, environmental justice in Harlem. Song “Economy of the Devil” by Wone. Ecoshock show 071019 (54 min) 13 MB

LOVE THE HEAT? Radical author Derrick Jensen explains why civilization is bad. Plus insider “coal call” from Rainforest Action Network (w. Bill McKibben and more). Ecoshock Show 071012 1 hour 14 MB

ECOSOCIALISM Joel Kovel says capitalism must fall to save the planet. Author of “Enemy of Nature” His full speech here. Peruvian Indigenous activist Hugo Blanco, environmentalism in the South. Six Nations activist Lindsay Blomberry on violence at Caledonia, Ontario (18 min). “Left on Venezeula” – Blanco and Kovel (10 min) Ecoshock Show 070928 1 hr 14 MB

PLANET WATCH: Ecoshock Show 070921 (56 MB 1 hr) Allan Weisman, (13 min) author of “The World Without Us”; security expert Richard Power (23 min) on coming climate chaos; NY State Senator Liz Krueger (7 min) on styrofoam ban. Plus horror, humor for World Car Free Day.

PLANKTOS II: THE INTERVENTION Who are they, and will it work? Part 2: three critics respond plus Alex Smith’s take. (Ecoshock show 070914 – 14 MB 1 hr) Greenpeace (9 min)Science Unit, ETC Group (9 min), and David Baines (16 min)(newspaper business columnist)

PLANKTOS: Offsets Real and Imagined Planting trees, seeding seas, grabbing CO2, for money. Full show interview with Russell George, CEO of Planktos, controversial carbon offset company. Part 1 of 2. Interview transcript here. Ecoshock Show 070907 1 hr 14 MB

PEAK OIL/CLIMATE PANEL followed “Escape from Suburbia” film, Vancouver 070817. Conrad Schmidt, Founder of the Work Less Party, and World Naked Bike Ride. Greenpeace founder/historian Rex Wyler, a Director of the BC Sustainable Energy Assoc., a city planner and more. How will we get out of this mess? Ecoshock Show 070831 1 hr 14 MB

Climate DESPAIR AND EMPOWERMENT Roadshow Australia’s Kelly Tudhope’s inspiring presentation at Vancouver, Planetarium August 15th with new clips from Gore, Gelbspan. Ecoshock 070824 Show 1 hr 14 MB

BUSH’S BIOFUEL SCAM Ecoshock show 070817 (1 hr) F. William Engdahl on Biofuel Scam (18 min); Crop Circle – Greenpeace GE Corn Protest (12 min); Solution to Farmed Salmon Dangers? Catherine Stewart (11 min)

ESCAPE FROM SUBURBIA Clips from film on Peak Oil, Climate, and suburbia; plus big interview with the director, Gregory Greene (27 min) Ecoshock Show 070810 1 hr 14 MB

VACATION: FLOODS, FIRES, BUGS. The news ain’t good. UK Floods and extreme rainfall events; Mediterannean and E. Europe in flames; Prof. Overpeck on great S.W. drought in U.S.; Logging beetle killed pines – does it add to global warming? Ecoshock Show 070803 1 hr 14 MB

CLIMATE SOLUTIONS: EAST AND WEST Prof William Moomaw, Tufts U and IPCC lead author “How to Cut Emissions by 75%”; then selections from Satish Kumar “Ghandi and Climate Change.” Ecoshock 070727 1 hr 14 MB

ECOFEMINISM Theologian Rosemary Ruether speaks in Vancouver July 3rd, 2007. What is eco-feminism? Examples from India and Brazil. Ecoshock 070720 1 hr 14 MB

JAMES HANSEN CLIMATE CALL Top NASA scientist warns 10 years left; answers critics. Speech Zero Emissions Conference, Melbourne June 30th, 2007. Ecoshock 070713 1 hr 14 MB

CURRENT PLAGUES – FUTURE FORESTS Can forests keep up with global warming? Dr. Clive Welham on ravages on pine bark beetle in Rockies; Dr. Del Meidinger speech “Future Forests” to 6th N.A. Forest Ecology Conference. Ecoshock 070706 1 hr 14 MB

9/11 Truth vs. Climate Leuren Moret on Depleted Uranium – and climate denial, Lyndon Larouche and 9/11. Derrick O’Keefe on lefty academic deniers. Anne Lindsay on new Canadian plan to bury nuke waste. Ecoshock 070629 1 hr 14 MB

LEFTY DENIERS, PEAK OIL, CHILD’S VOICE Alexander Cockburn as climate denier; 13 year old Severn Suzuki tells UN to grow up; Dr. Jeremy Leggett on collision of peak oil and climate change. Ecoshock 070622 1 hr 14 MB

PEAK OIL, CLIMATE FAILURE James Howard Kunstler on dwindling oil, dwindling future (42 min); John Doerr, tech billionaire, on green tech, but fear of failure (19 min) Ecoshock 070615 1 hr 14 MB

Hard Rain Gonna Fall Extreme rain events Climate Modeller Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh on warming and precipitation 12 MB 13 min; Dam Nation Cleo Woelfle-Erskine (17 min) – plus positive feedbacks, climate 3 times worse, and dumb NASA head, plus music. Ecoshock 070608 1 hr 14 MB

The Poisoned Chalice Noam Chomsky judges American wars by Nuremberg Nazi war trial standards. Should Bush be hung? Truth to power. Ecoshock 070601 1 hr 14 MB

NEWS, POPULATION AND FISH FARMS A roundup of key enviro news; Dr. John Guillebaud of ULC UK on saving climate w population control; Catherine Stewart on closed containment fish farms plus new Madonna Earth song. Ecoshock 070525 1 hr 14 MB

Total Denial Glenn Beck, CNN’s Climate Quisling; Senator Inhofe’s Greatest Hits; Jonathon Porritt on the psyschology of denial, music from David Rovecs (“What If You Knew?”) Ozzy Osbourne (“Denial”) Dana Lyons (“Swimmin in Da Nile”) and more. Ecoshock 070518 1 hr 14 MB

A Sustainable Future: Jonathon Porritt, founder of UK Green movement, ex-Director of Friends of Earth, Chair of UK Sustainable Development Commission speech at Vancouver May 2, 2007 (58 min); followed by round-table Q and A; Part One (48 min), Part Two (49 min) Speech is Ecoshock 070511 1 hr 14 MB

Climate: What Works, What Doesn’t Canada Gives Up (Gore calls Baird’s plan “fraud”) (20 min); Climate Cafe with Mark Jaccard (40 min) Ecoshock Show 070504 54 min 13 MB

Car Culture and Climate Catherine Stewart (Living Oceans Society) Fish Farms Killing Marine Mammals; Car Culture: Kill It or Cure It? w Matthew Patterson 27 min; Nottingham climate protest UK Ecoshock 070426 1 hr 14 MB

American Coal, N. American Impacts (50 min) Bill Barclay on RAN’s fight to stop new coal plants (15 min); climate change impacts on N. America from IPCC WG2 scientists (12 min); Climate solutions mix (13 min) Ecoshock 070420 1 hr 14 MB

Activism Beyond Hope IPCC Censorship of Science (20 min); Prof Krauter on rare glass sponge reefs (8 min); “Endgame” author Derrick Jensen (30 min) Ecoshock Show 070413 1 hr 14 MB

LIVES PER GALLON Q and A with Terry Tamminen April 4; full speech here; Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson on whaling; Greenpeace Australia’s Steve Shallhorn Aussie coal exports. Ecoshock 070406 1 hr 14 MB

Planet Emergency CFRO Show Hansen’s Warning (9 min) New Coal Plants Will Kill Us All (9 min) Sample ABC Science Show – Antartic Waves Sequestering CO2 (9 min) plus 5 new climate change songs. Ecoshock 070330 1 hr 14 MB

OCEAN FISHERIES CRASH DOWN Fisheries Doom and Gloom Dr. Daniel Pauly (47 min); James Hansen “different planet” clip; Song “Betty’s Back in Jail” (for senior activist Betty Krawczyk) Ecoshock 070321 1 hr 14 MB

Beyond Boiling Point Special on Ross Gelbspan, journalist who exposed fossil fuel deniers (1 hr) including fresh interview with Gelbspan (12 min); news on IPCC leak and global drying (12 min); plus music treats. Ecoshock 070313 1 hr 14 MB

DID MEDIA WAIT TOO LONG TO TELL US? Expert panel w Ross Gelbspan (“Boiling Point”) Chris Mooney (“Republican War on Science”) Exxon-funded academic Hadi Dowlatabadi, founder James Hogan, and Vancouver Sun editor Kirk Lapoint. State of Media and Climate Change presented by UBC School of Journalism and Ecoshock 070309 1 hr 14 MB

From Climate Crisis Film Festival. Three short speeches, music, audience feedback on global warming. Segments: Gregor Robertson, BC MLA (12 min); Colin Campbell, BC Sierra Club (8 min); Bill Taylor, climatologist Environment Canada (8 min); Also available audience/panel Q and A, raw (51 min, 13 MB) Ecoshock 070302 1 hr 14 MB

WHALING AND CLIMATE Japanese whaler fire special; Steve Shallhorn, Greenpeace Australia (10 min); Vaughn Palmer on British Columbia climate plan (10 min); Sir Nicholas Stern testimony to US Senate (30 min) Ecoshock 070221 1 hr 14 MB

CLIMATE SOLUTIONS Part One: two speakers from “We Need Bright Ideas Now” at Ridge Theatre – Dr. Bill Rees “Climate and Government” and Dr. Phil Austin “The Climate Challenge” (each 12 minutes). Find the other speeches, and full program here. Part Two: Sustainable Fossil Fuels? feature on Dr. Mark Jaccard (28 minutes). His full speech here (55 MB 1 hour). Ecoshock 070214 1 hr 14 MB

CLIMATE, COAL AND MEDIA IPCC media to music; Dr. Andrew Weaver, IPCC lead author on future; Dr. John Nyboer “Does Clean Coal Exist?”; reporter Mitchell Anderson on failure of Canadian climate media. Ecoshock 070209 1 hr 14 MB

COPING WITH CLIMATE CHANGE How we handle it mentally and socially. Guests historian Spencer Weart and Pulitzer journalist Katherine Ellison – and thoughts from deep ecologist John Seed. Ecoshock 070129 1 hr 14 MB

Jan 24th and 26th Show Great Bear Rainforest Saved? Amanda Carr of Greenpeace; Stormy Future; Mark Lynas new book 6 Degrees on climate future. Ecoshock 070117 1 hr 14 MB

Jan 17th and 19th Show Andrea Rheimer (Wilderness Committee) back from Gore camp; John Bennett (Climate Action Network) climate must go political; Thermageddon: Bob Hunter’s Confessions; The Big Crush: 6.5 Billion – Population Killing Us Ecoshock 070117 1 hr 14 MB

Jan 10th and 12th Shows Helen Caldicott on Bush’s New Nukes and Israel; Review of five best climate SOLUTIONS speeches of 2006, Ecoshock 070110 1 hr 14 MB

Jan 5 2007 Show Ecoshock 070105 1 hr 14 MB Kick It Over: Derrick Jensen; Climate Criminals – Ross Gelbspan

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