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Dec 29th Show Two New Coal Plants in BC; End Coal Now (or the Planet Dies); The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich Part One, Part Two

Dec 22nd Show Climate Map of Doom (13 min); Greenpeace Boreal Campaign (12 min); Songwriter Terry Jacks (27 min) Lovelock’s map (.pdf) of Earth 5 degrees warmer. Ecoshock 061222 1 hr 14 MB

Dec 15th Show New tech: Solar Chill (Janos Mate); Senior Activist Betty Krawczyk; Forest activist Tzeporah Berman at Oct Bioneer Conf. Ecoshock 061215 1 hr 14 MB

Dec 8th Show Skiing: Will Warming End Snow? (Aspen, Whistler, Europe); Touring Galapagos Islands; The Great Extinction (with E.O. Wilson) Ecoshock 061208 1 hr 14 MB

Dec 6th Show Health and Environment, Dr. David Suzuki to B.C. Public Health Assoc. Part One (30 min) Part Two (30 min) Ecoshock 061206 2 parts only

Special Edition Peace Show #2 Speech by British MP George Galloway on Middle East Wars, recorded Toronto Nov 20, 2006 Ecoshock 061201 1 hr 56 MB

November 29th Special Edition Peace Show #1 Should America bomb Iraq? With nuclear weapons? Four Plots to Nuke Iran; highlights from Goldbard-Bashi – women say “Don’t do it for us”; Heidi from Iranian Women’s Voices; highlights from warnings by Scott Ritter, weapons inspector, and journalist Seymour Hersh. Ecoshock 061129 1 hr 14 MB

November 24th Show Transit in Vancouver area; Gateway sucks; Ned Jacobs; Gordon Price; climate: Nairobi, Canada and BC, Ecoshock 061124 1 hr 14 MB

George Monbiot in Vancouver Hard-hitting speech by Guardian columnist, green activist on book “Heat, How to Stop the Planet Burning” Recorded Nov 15. Ecoshock 061117 1 hr 14 MB

November 10th Show (1 hr) featuring Fish Collapse 2048; The Polluted Womb (smog and pesticides threaten a generation); and a funny green sermon. Ecoshock 061110 1 hr 14 MB

November 3rd Show Climate and Stern Report: Ian Bruce, Suzuki Fdn; Dr. Michael Margolick, economist on Stern Report; Africa Eats Our Exhaust; The Methane Fix. Ecoshock 061103 1 hr 14 MB

October 27th Show Greenpeace in Beijing (Tamara Stark); WCWC’s Paul George on Big Trees Not Stumps; Methane Primer. Ecoshock 061027 1 hr 14 MB

October 20th Show Pathetic News Smog vs. Climate Phil Austen Interview; Sakhalin Energy Fight. Ecoshock 061020 1 hr 14 MB

October 13th Show Special on Canada’s Tar Sands; Green Party Leader Elizabeth May “From Crud to Crude” plus Ecoshock feature “Canada’s Tar Baby” Ecoshock 061013 1 hr 14 MB

October 6th Show Oceans Special “Murder in the Deep” trawling, Catherine Stewart on safe sea food choices and aquaculture; NDP MLA Shane Simpson on climate; Amber Dawn’s special OUR Eco-Village, young alternatives. Ecoshock 061006 1 hr 14 MB

Sept 29th Show Prince Charles on climate; Guy Dauncey on carbonless life; Prof M’Gonigle talks green university in “Planet U”; plus Music of Dying Trees. Ecoshock 060929 1 hr 14 MB

September 22nd Show Hummers, air travel kills, “Heatwave” with James Lovelock, Union talks climate, BC Sustainable Energy Association, “Making Waves” with youth activism. Select segments: Peter Ronald, BC Sust Energy Assoc. 7 min Cliff Walker, BCGEU Union (excerpts) 5 min, Cliff Walker Unions and Climate Change (full speech) Part One (28 min) Part Two (29 min) Sept 19, 06 Ecoshock 060922 1 hr 14 MB

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