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Summer in March

http://bit.ly/GRGbPD Summer in March? I ask the experts, Joe Romm of Climate Progress, and Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground. Then we visit with Professor Raymond De Young. When we get exciting weather, it’s hard to beat the Dr. Jeff Masters blog at  …

Go Green Media

http://bit.ly/GJPcvJ How can we be optimistic? Publisher of The Mother Earth News, Bryan Welch. From D.C. Environmental Film Festival, Harry Lynch, Director of “Switch”, Alexandra Cousteau, and Robert Cole. This week on Radio Ecoshock, we go green media. You’ll hear an interview with  …

Fukushima Disaster – One Year Later

http://bit.ly/wS7C5M From “Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – One Year After” nuke expert Arnold Gundersen & 2 Japanese activists from Fukushima. Radio Ecoshock 120314 Music bed credit: drums by Vastmandana On the anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan, I am taking  …

Private Spies: WikiLeaks Outs Stratfor

http://bit.ly/Avg7gI Julian Assange of Wikileaks reveals private intel company Stratfor spying on NGO’s, helping big corporations and banks with government secrets. Ecoshock 120307 Today on Radio Ecoshock you will hear about the brave new world of privatization of intelligence services, global corruption, and  …

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March 2012
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