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Oil to Occupy: The Restless West Coast “Oil Free Coast” 3 speakers against Tar Sands pipelines and tankers in Canada, including First Nations. Then on-scene audio from Occupy Wall St West in San Francisco Jan 20th. Awaiting arrest, and crowd microphones against corporate takeover. Two weeks ago on Radio  …

Kevin Anderson: The Brutal Logic of Climate Change “The future is impossible” says Dr. Kevin Anderson, former Director of UK’s top climate research institute, the Tyndall Centre. Speech in London lays out our awful tilt toward an unlivable climate. Followed by discussion with Washington’s Dr. William Calvin. Welcome. I’m Alex.  …

CLIMATE MAY FORCE HUMAN EVOLUTION What caused 5 previous mass extinctions of species? Scientists say we are in the 6th one now. Australian scientist Andrew Glikson reads the past, suggests the troubled future. Dr. Andrew Glikson of Australian National University studied the rocks and the timelines. He’s  …

Oil Shock – The No Growth World Radio Ecoshock 120104 Oil Shock the Post-Growth World with Jeff Rubin, Charles Maxwell from ASPO 2011 and interview with Italy’s Ugo Bardi on climate change vs. peak oil. The price of oil hits you at the pump, in your food bill, and  …

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