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From Occupied Earth

This Ecoshock program features two interviews. We start out talking about South America, and how changes to the Amazon rainforest could impact the climate of the whole world. I also cover two jaw-dropping stories this week: #1. the complete fake-out as General Motors  …

Black Carbon = Fast Warming = Early Death

If I feel a strain this week, it’s not because of the volcano blowing planes out of the sky over Europe. Unless the larger Icelandic volcano nearby goes off, scientists say the dangerous ash will not really cool the planet much. It may  …

Back to the Land!

Get back to where you once belonged. Get your hands dirty, with this week’s grow-op on Radio Ecoshock. We’ll hear from the young farmers movement, with film maker and dirt farmer Severine von Tscharner Fleming of Greenhorn Radio. Community supported agriculture, organic, getting  …

The Unknown Climate

In the Spring of 2010, the East Coast of the United States was nearly drowned in an extreme precipitation event. Ditto parts of Australia, and Rio in Brazil. This is the other half of “global warming” – global wetting. Scientists have been warning  …

Gimme Shelter – blog and links you need

How to make buildings that use 10% of current energy needs. Here is a bonanza of links you want for this Radio Ecoshock special on Passivhaus and Net Zero construction, including two free workshops. The full workshop by Guido Wimmers on Passivhaus, held  …

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