Saturday, August 05, 2006


Steaming in the heat, Europeans and North Americans know we are entering a new Heat Age.
These news compilations bring it home, accompanied by quotes from the scientist and Gaia founder, James Lovelock.
With music by Kosmos, Shane Philipp, and others - and, as always, your host - Alex Smith.

It's hot and getting hotter. The more we air-condition, the more fossil fuels we burn, turning heat into a vicious cycle. Is it true that most humans in 2100 will migrate toward the poles? Lovelock says billions will die, as climate change stops agriculture in our most productive areas.

But what is his agenda? Lovelock has been quite wrong before. Is he right now? Just because the world's best scientists agree with him is no reason to cut back, right George?

Tune in.
Radio Ecoshock