You and I are headed into tough times.  I don't need to tell you that.  The economy is crashing, exactly as the climate becomes increasingly unstable.


This is my list of must-have tools to take you through any Depression, or just a temporary break-down of the system.  Those little times of trouble could be from an Earth Quake, a climate induced storm, a terrorist attack, riots, or global flu.  But I think the most likely cause will be the greed of the former capitalist system.  No money.


I'll go through the list fairly quickly.  Just picture what you have, don't have, and what goes into your own collection.


1.  You need the ability to walk five miles every day.  Your body is your most important tool. 


2. The only way to prepare is to train.  You know, actually get out and walk at least a mile a day. 


3. Good foot-wear - a pair that can go 5 miles a day for three years.  And an extra pair, when those wear out.


4. Rain boots and snow boots.


5. Two backpacks: one small with good support for light grocery runs.  One aluminum pack frame, with optional carry bag, to carry water jugs, firewood, or your bug out gear.  Must have wide waist strap, should have optional tump line to neck.


6. Rope, twine, and chain.  One piece of really heavy rope, a couple of inches thick and twelve feet long.  At least 25 feet of half inch rope - 50 feet would be better.


The chain is for security, to keep your gear from walking away from someone else.


7 You should have at least five 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids in your emergency supplies.  Good for water, storing grain against rodents, all sorts of things.


8. "Come Along" hand winch or double pulleys. 




9. Two twenty pound propane tanks, full.


10. Coleman type camp stove with 2 hoses (1 extra) to connect to 20 pound propane tank.


11. Pressure cooker ("American Classic" preferred $300 if you can afford it.  No gaskets, lasts a lifetime.)


12. One standard thermos, and one wide-mouthed thermos for each person in your party. 


13. Camping cooler (or two).




14. Some way to cook over wood.  Fireplace, wood stove, patio wood burner, or just a camp fire.


15. Swede saw (at least 15 inch blade)(plus two extra blades)


17. Axe (quality with good handle) and hatchet.


18. Learn how to identify trees by their bark.


19. Cast iron frying pan, pot, and kettle if possible.  If not, all metal camp cooking set (inexpensive).


20. Fire tongs, and fireproof oven mitts.


21. Optional: Dutch oven to bake over a fire, or even propane cook stove.


22. Long handled shovel, rake, and hoe.


23. Garden seeds to supplement your food supply.


24. Sunscreen (two years supply for all people in your family)


25. Sun hats and sun glasses (two pairs) for all in your party.




26. Optional: 50 Watt solar panel (Seimens recommended, will last 25 years) and two deep discharge batteries.


27. 12 volt taillight bulbs (can run off any battery you find, with some 12 volt wire)


28. LED headlight and batteries for each person.


29. LED battery operated (100 watt brightness) for about 3 months of room light.


30. boxes of candles (lots) plus waterproof matches.


30 Two tarps - one large enough to double as a tent, one small enough to backpack and cover up at night.


31. At least 4 stretchy bungee cords, different lengths.


Another time we'll discuss medications, barter items, knives and security.  I'm Alex Smith. Grab the full broadcast of  "Tools for Tough Times" from our web site,