Welcome to Radio Ecoshock.  We're going to plunge into the fevered world of dark conspiracy.  We'll find the men who hate greens, the fringe media voices who call us to commit suicide.  If they are to be believed, we must arrest hundreds of thousands of scientists, for their role in the global warming hoax.


We'll find out who is behind the scheme to turn the 911 Truth Movement almost overnight, into the global warming denial network.  This is a review of a new made-for-cable TV series, and rant radio.


Forget about 911.  Now our icon of hatred is global warming, and it's terror face isn't just Al Gore.  No, the kingpin, the spider at the center of the web is...


[gunfire] [screaming]


Not so fast.  To begin my journey into the bowels of conspiracy, I first had to travel to a dark warehouse, on the wrong side of Okayama, Japan.  A 30-ish balding James Corbett awaits me.  He seems shy, but as you'll find out, with a keyboard and a screen, Corbett is a lion against the climate.


Mysteriously, Corbett hands me a slip of paper.  With 3 names printed on it.  My arduous journey has begun.


That first name is...I'm sorry, I'll have to blank out his image on radio, because of death threats.  Even though he's huge, a famous wrestler, and ex-state Governor.  Now...


[clip from TruTV episode]  http://www.trutv.com/shows/conspiracy_theory/index.html


Jesse Ventura:

"People are going to are going to become very, very wealthy pushing this concept of global warming down the throats of the whole country, and for that matter the world, and that it is truly going to be used to make money.  Not necessarily clean up the environment.


I mean it took me back.  Because I'm - I was a believer - I am a believer in global warming."


"But, he gave me this sheet of paper, with these three names on it.  And he says if you don't believe me, he said, talk to these three."


"And this is conspiracy theory".


Jesse Ventura doesn't talk to any of the three.  He sends his "team" - who don't try to prove any of the speakers wrong.  They just accept everything these deniers, chosen by Noel Sheppard of the denier site Newsbusters, - recording everything they say.  No real scientists are consulted, no scientific papers or graphs, no evidence, just a straight broadcast of the denialist point of view.


That's from a new cable series, called "Conspiracy Theory" under the doubtfully-named “TruTV”label.  The global warming denier show, and all the theories of the monied elite plotting to dominate the world - comes from media giant Time-Warner.  The main sponsor appears to be the Geico insurance company.


Jesse sends out his investigators, accompanied by the usual crime TV sound track, to discover the truth about 911, elite conspiracies for world control, and, just in time for the Copenhagen climate conference, a hatchet job called "Global Warming". 


According to the program guide, Ventura uncovers "evidence that leads to one man thought to be behind the global warming conspiracy."  And hold your breath, boys and girls, until you find out who that giant behind the curtain is!


If the tacky crime narration sounds familiar, it's the sound of Tyler Derek, also heard in "Most Shocking, the “Reality series showing crime footage from around the world." plus, "Students Gone Wild 2", "Senior Smackdown3", "Eyewitness to Disaster", "Liquored Up Ladies" and who could forget "Horror on the Highways 2" and "Busted in the Buff".  I knew that voice sounded familiar - all my favorite TV shows!


[Spooky crime music]


Announcer Tyler Derek:

"Still ahead, Jesse Ventura gets closer to the sinister forces behind the global warming movement."


Voice of Alex Jones:

"He can explain the entire agenda.  The move towards world government, the takeover of resources, by mega-corporations and the shadowy families that control them."


Announcer Derek:

"They're also out to control the way we live, from the cars we drive, to the food we eat.  Those suspects remain at large."


Suspects at large?  Ooops, the crime TV script seems to have gone astray.  Do they mean the world's top climate scientists?


Ventura's team trots off to a secret island, to interview a man kept in the dark, allegedly due to he death threats he's received as a climate scientist denier. 


Mr X. (face shaded out):

"Well, because the climate issue got picked up as a vehicle for the new religion of environmentalism, and controlling people's behavior. And so, of course, if you're opposing their religion, then it becomes even nastier."


Woman interviewer:

"You've received death threats, your career has been stalled..."


Tons of people adding comments to blogs identified the bald head and voice as Canadian climate scientist Tim Ball - a man who hasn't exactly denied himself the limelight. 


In 2007, Timothy Ball told the Telegraph, a major British newspaper, he had received about 5 death threats by email, after his appearance in “The Global Warming Swindle.”  I have been unable to find any public record of these emails, by searching Google.  I don't know if the authorities were alerted.


Perhaps, his "career has been stalled" because Ball retired in 1996, from the University of Winnipeg, where he taught Geography (not climate science) - more than a decade ago.


In fact, just a month before this Conspiracy Theory show aired, there is Tim Ball, in full face video being interviewed by James Corbett in Japan.  Was Jesse Ventura's secret cameo all for show?  In my opinion, the program is littered with secret facts available to anyone with a few seconds to spare on Google.  It's a joke, right?


Tim explains that a global conspiracy is out to push warming, which might be good for us, except we are cooling.  Let's listen to a little Tim here, and then we'll get a little more from our next big name, a bigger fish in the game of diverting your attention.


From “Conspiracy Theory”:



"So if global warming isn't man made, why are they telling us it is?"


Tim Ball:

"Because they are using it as a vehicle for political control, to control every aspect of people's lives: the number of children you could have, the number of people on the planet, where they can live, what they can drive, everything.  If you can control carbon, you can control the planet...."


That's an interesting statement.  Right now, big oil and coal controls the carbon.  Do they control the planet?  It seems like it.


Professor Ball, who does not hold a degree in Climatology, despite all wild claims to the contrary, and hasn't published a peer review paper in the field in the last decade or two, is connected to a group called "Friends of Science" which the Toronto Star reports received oil company money.


Jesse Ventura's "team" goes on to every major climate denier.  Professor Richard Lindzen gets an interview, despite his known funding by energy companies, and his love for the tobacco and asbestos lobby.  On to the British producer of “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, and of course Lord Monkton.  I guess they didn't have time for Fred Singer, in a half hour program.  Or, is he passé?


The whole thing devolves into bathos, with nothing from the real science community, and no defense for the accused.  The only contact with the evil Maurice Strong is a shot allegedly from outside his Beijing residence.


The three names on the paper come from Noel Sheppard, the Associate Editor of NewsBusters, and “Planet Gore”, more denial sites.  Sheppard believes his Russian sources, who tell him global cooling is on the way.  Sure.


But Professor Ball is welcome on the radio show of our next suspect, the second name on the list.  That is ... Alex Jones.


Jones was born 1974.  He's a talk show host and video maker out of Austin ,Texas.  Jones goes out on radio through Genesis Communication Network, GCN, owned by multi-millionaire gold seller Ted Anderson.  They are now an ABC affiliate - that's right Disney - with about 60 stations, including short-wave.


But Alex Jones caught on to multimedia very early.  His radio broadcasts are among the most-listened to via the Internet, and his rapid-fire mini-documentaries are big on you tube and other sites.  Jones encourages listeners, as I do, to copy his work and disseminate it to others.


Alex Jones pictures himself at the center of a movement.  It used to be the 911 Truth movement, but that's changed.  Jesse Ventura's episode on 911 was downplayed on Jones' site prisonplanet.com, but the global warming show got top billing.  Some regular visitors to the site complained, saying that Jones was covering 911 less, and global warming more.


James Corbett, from his podcast "A Message to the Environmental Movement" (Nov 29th, 2009):


“Your movement has been usurped by the very same financial interests you thought you were fighting against."


Talk about a movement being hijacked!  How did 911 Truth suddenly become anti-science?  Think about it.  Who was the demon combination that either let 911 happen, or helped it happen?  George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.


Both men are known to be oil industry types.  George Bush owned an oil company in Texas, backed by Saudi family wealth, which went broke.  Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, the world's largest oil company supply company.


But now the 911 Truthers are supposed to support the Saudis, the world's largest oil suppliers, and home to 19 of the terrorists?  To bring out the oil company line that humans, and especially oil companies, are not harming the atmosphere?


Bush and Cheney were Republicans.  Now, 911 Truth has been turned into an agent of the Republican machine.   The Republicans, like Senator James Inhofe, are the leaders in denying climate change.


911 Truthers!  Look on either side of you!  The oil companies are standing on the right, and the Republicans are, well, further on the right!  Your old enemies are your new friends.


Alex Jones has a big dish of credit for turning this movement away from it's origins. 


Let's face it.  Internet searches, and news articles, about the 911 attacks are fading out.  Every movement based on a historical date faces this fact.  Time goes by, people's interest change.  Now most folks are concerned about the economic crash that started in 2008, and is still unfolding into who knows what?


It's time to move on.  Die-hard 911 Truther Mike Ruppert "resigned" from the movement, to take up the more important threat of Peak Oil.  Could it be that Alex Jones is finding that 911 videos are beginning to sell less?  We'll see a bump in 2011, on the 10th year anniversary, but after that, it's history.


Just Google "911 Truth" and then "climate change."  Whether fair or not, 911 is fading over the horizon, off the hit parade.


The new thing is climate change.  And carbon controls threaten the gas guzzling way of life so beloved by many Americans.  If a person could only provide a little denial, they might get back more sales.  Bingo!  Is that why Alex Jones becomes denier-in-chief?


Alex Jones, angrily:


"You got power.  Because you look so stupid and so silly, everybody just makes fun of you, and calls you environmentalist whackos.  No, you're not whackos.  You are the pale horse death.  You are savage.  You have power.  And you are murdering people en masse, congratulations.  You wanted to be evil.  You are evil."


In past shows, Jones has bragged he has oil money in his family, a couple of wells, a cousin in the oil industry.  Alex denies Peak Oil theory as well.


In my opinion, Jones has a basic ideology that helped him make the change to global warming denial.  You need to listen to a couple of hundred hours of the Alex Jones show, to really understand the man.  I've recorded all that, for the fascination and the horror.  All on tape, going back several years.


The key to Alex Jones, and the kingpin I'll reveal in a few minutes, is one man.  He lived in a well-guarded compound in Virginia, before entering an even more well-guarded federal prison for fraud.  And there lies a story long in the telling.


Lyndon Larouche Jr. is an old man now, if still living when you hear this.  In the 60's he was a Communist - Trotskyite.  Somehow, that morphed into what many have called a cult.  LaRouche ran many times unsuccessfully for President of the United States, often calling himself a Democrat, although rejected by that Party.


The best book about him: "Lyndon LaRouche and the new American fascism", published by Doubleday, in 1989.  The author is William Dennis King.  You can find one version of the whole thing, updated, online these days here, but that's from the Lyndon Larouche organization, so I wouldn't trust it.  Better to find the original book, and then update yourself through King's LaroucheWatch blog.


I shall briefly read this paragraph from Wikipedia on LaRouche:


"Antony Lerman writes that LaRouche's overriding ideology is that, as LaRouche put it, 'History is nothing but conspiracies,' and that the main group behind the conspiracies are the Jews, mostly wealthy ones such as the Rothschilds. According to Lerman, LaRouche uses 'the British' as a code for Jews to avoid being accused of anti-Semitism. LaRouche refers to this group as the 'Zionist-British organism,' and sees them as having 'evolved through moral depravity and inbreeding into a separate species outside the human race,' writes Lerman; the British, led by the Jews, are in control of terrorism and drug networks, and it is the mission of LaRouche's NCLC to wipe them out.[66] Daniel Pipes argues against Lerman that LaRouche's references to the British really are to the British, though he agrees that an alleged British-Jewish alliance lies at the heart of LaRouche's conspiracism.[67]


end quote from Wiki.


No time here to cover LaRouche's complex connections with the Ku Klux Klan, or known Nazi war criminals.


It's touching that LaRouche continued to see the Rothschilds in charge of the world, in the way they might have been justly accused at their European banking prime in the 1800's. It's a world view that rings slightly true to the truly uninformed.  Later, as very Christian American wealth overwhelmed the world, LaRouche and his followers just kept pasting them into the Rothschilds model.  Somehow, they think the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers (who were very Baptist) are the same.


Never mind all the new wealth since then, like Buffet and Gates.  All the new billionaires created in America and abroad, they are all magically part of the scheme for world control.  America's richest family, the Wal-mart Waltons, were raised Presbyterian.  Not Jewish.


Did I mention the Russian and Indian oligarchs?  The Swiss?  The Germans?


This theory can't swallow the new Japanese fortunes, not to mention those of both mainland and offshore Chinese.  Read author Sterling Seagrave "Lords of the Rim" 1996 for the Chinese overseas billionaires. 


Now we have mainland China as the largest holder of American treasury debt.  We are asked to imaging the Rothschilds control them as well.


Larouche ran a private intelligence network, using his followers to make hundreds of calls a day.  All that date, which may have included some goodies on prominent politicians, was raided and buried deep in some hole, when the Larouche compound was raided on orders from George Bush Sr.


Mr. Larouche also had a long history as an anti-environmentalist.  He arranged spying on one anti-nuclear group, the Clamshell Alliance.  His forces ranged themselves against a ban on CFC's, including a scion of the Dupont family, who made them.  There was a kidnapping of Lewis Smith-Dupont, or was it deprogramming from a cult?  A lush tale.


But LaRouche's vitriolic hatred of the Greens, especially Greenpeace, may have passed through to his young listener, Alex Jones.  If so, the switch against the greens came naturally to him.  It would still fit within the simplistic world view of an evil cabal of puppet masters at the top, and no responsibility for the rest of us, nearer the bottom.  The idea of a complex chaotic reality, involving billions of humans in an ecosphere, apparently never occurs to these men.


The hate goes on through Alex Jones.


Alex Jones:


"Look if humans are so bad, [Dr. David] Suzuki, you little twit, you control freak, you fake intellectual, kill yourself!  Stop saying kill African babies, punk.  Man you make me sick.


Maurice Strong - hey go jump off a cliff, you little effeminate twerp!  We'll be right back..."


David Suzuki is the famed Canadian biologist, environmentalist, and broadcaster, host of the long-running science show "The Nature of Things."


Alex Jones also appears regularly as a guest on the much more popular radio program Coast to Coast AM.  He's on his best behavior then.  You don't hear him ranting like this:


Alex Jones:

"Nobody can stop 'em.  They're having their way with America. They want our guns..."


[I'm not going to transcribe the rest of this rant, available in audio only]


Apparently, the Texas child protection agency somehow ended up at the end of that radio explosion, but it could have been almost anything, from government vaccination plots, to greens allegedly murdering millions of poor children in Africa.  I think Jones just comes to represent the current of anger developing around white males, in the late American empire period.  A kind of foil that both arms and disarms public action.  It's a magnet for testosterone.


Meanwhile, Jones flogs his videos, soap - literally soap, nuclear alert key chains, expensive water filters, and gold, gold, gold.  The more frightened you are, and there is always a reason to panic, the more gold you will buy.


Here is Alex, with his network sponsor Ted Anderson, supposedly a guest on the show:


[Alex and Ted flog gold coins]


Like all conspiracy theories, a small dash of truth is required.  Sometime, gasp, I agree with Alex Jones. 


Alex Jones makes in on RT, the Russian TV channel, which Vladimir Putin freely admits is a state propaganda agent.  As a major oil and gas producer, RT TV regularly runs obscure Russian scientists explaining we are heading into global cooling.  Putin has said that if global warming exists, it would be good for Russia, making more of the country livable.


RT host:

"And so why would they do that?  Why would they essentially make up global warming?"


Alex Jones:

"Well we know why.  We have the United Nations documents.  We have the Club of Rome documents, from 1991.  A private group of banks, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and others are financing this.  Ken Lay of the Enron fame, in the mid-90's with Al Gore, this is on Congressional record, in testimony, came up with a plan of a new form of derivatives, that we've seen in banking that's caused all the problems, based on carbon credits. 


And so it allows a select group of banks and brokerage firms to start buying and selling carbon credits on the world market.  And to create a whole new Ponzi scheme."


In my judgment, the cap-and-trade system, with phony carbon off-sets, and pollution permits given out free, is a recipe for financial abuse and climate disaster.  Probably Goldman-Sachs types are drooling at the possibility for billions in profits from trading carbon credits.  It may come as a shock to Jones, and his new disciple James Corbett, that many, many greens do not support this capitalist scheme. 


In fact, Corbett, since you presume to tell environmentalists that we have all been taken over, I wish you could come back home to Canada.  It must be very isolating spending years in Japan.  You say you work nine-to-five, and then spend 30 to 40 hours a week on your program and web site.  That doesn't leave a lot of time for socializing.  Come back home, try the West Coast, and meet some real environmentalists.  The ones who try to understand the science, and don't know any of the Rothschilds. 


Oh, and by the way, for Jesse Ventura, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, shown in your made-for-cable proctology - is dead.  He died in January 2009.  He plots no more.


Still, I was intrigued to find out from George Hunt's 1992 film against the U.N. environment conference - that Rothschild knew and cared about global warming back in 1987.  The wealthy banker proposed a kind of tax on corporate profits to form a Conservation Bank to save the poles, and the planet.  How evil is that!  I wish more of today's bankers were so bad.


George Hunt, a Colorado man who took up the hate of Maurice Strong, appears - it's magic! - in the Jesse Venture climate hit piece.  In his old video, Hunt explains the same people arranged the assassination of both President Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy (a hundred years apart).


Enough.  Now I can finally name HIM.  The man who secretly runs the universe: it's ...Webster Griffin Tarpley.


Laugh if you will.  Tarpley is the living link between the aging LaRouche and the younger fringe media, including Alex Jones.  Alex told us, a few years back, that he grew up listening to Lyndon Larouche, in his home, for 12 or more hours each and every week.  It sounds like he practically teethed to the never-ending lectures about cynical domination by the British-Jews.


Let's hear the two compadres, Jones and Tarpley, recite the theory again.  And I ask my Canadian listeners to withhold their laughter, if they can, until the end of the clip.  Deep down in Texas, we find out how the Queen runs Canada:


[Alex Jones clip from December 5th, 2008 - audio only]


OK, for our American listeners.  The evil Governor General is not "he," it's "she".  Michelle Jean is a Haitian-born Canadian woman.  The Canadian Constitution WAS repatriated by an Act of Canadian Parliament on December 2nd, 1981, and signed into law by Queen Elizabeth on April 17th, 1982.  Decades ago, Boink, wrong again.  Oh yeah, and the Queen did not choose any Senators, who have never been elected in Canada.  Senators, when an opening becomes available, are chosen by the Prime Minister of the elected government.  Completely misinformed nonsense from two American bobble heads - and these are the guys you are supposed to believe on global warming science.


Most laughable is the idea that the Queen runs Canada, its bureaucracies - and Parliament is merely decorative.  Rolling in the aisles comic reporting from the twin Larouche-type conspiracists on GCN.  Canada salutes your comic genius!


Webster Tarpley was a spokesperson and press agent for the Lyndon Larouche organization for years.  He held various positions, including host of an in-house TV program, finally branching out more on his own in 1996.  Now Webster Tarpley also has a radio program on GCN, where he lashes out at the Zionists, and compares President Obama to Hitler, and worse.  The program is called "World Crisis Radio".


Why do I name Webster Tarpley as the grand master?  Because it makes as much sense as Jesse Ventura's ultimate target of Maurice Strong.  Maurice has been a whipping boy of Larouche, Alex Jones, and Webster Tarpley for years.  Ventura is buddies with Alex Jones, and the whole thing just passes on by osmosis, a good opportunity for a fake reality cable series.


Meanwhile, over in Japan, hoping to get past his paycheck to paycheck living teaching English - James Corbett launches climategate.tv.  It's pretty slick, as a gathering place for every anti-global warming piece he can find.  Corbett produces his own podcast/would-be radio show called the Corbett report.  He's even interviewed Alex Jones!


It's a pity though.  So-called "climategate" will disappear like a wisp of media froth, as the world marches on.  Corbett's defining moment has been weighed by the world's scientists, governments, and media as ... nothing much at all.  James, you were doing much better as a 911 guy.  I liked your video on repressive Japanese demands of ID cards for foreigners. 


But the video headline "A Really Inconvenient Truth! (No atmospheric CO2 rise in 150 years)" is laughably wrong.  The original article outlines that the fraction of CO2 going into the atmosphere has not changed.  If we produce 100 million tons of CO2, about 43 percent of it, 43 million tons, goes stays in the sky, while the rest is soaked up by the sea and soil.  If we produce 200 million, then 43 percent, about 86 million tons, stays in the atmosphere.  That doesn't mean the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere hasn't gone up!  We can prove that CO2 has gone up, goes up every year.  Posting this story is either a beginner mistake, or the usual desperation to grab at any straw, no matter how wrong.  Take it down James, it's an embarrassment.


Of course, once you believe the Queen runs the world, there's little shame left.    It isn't the environment movement that's been taken over, James.  It's the 911 Truth Movement that's been turned into an oily Republican machine that denies good science. 


That's too bad.  There are a lot of good people who have deep questions about 911, including me.  But we know that science is not lying.  Neither are our senses.


Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory.  Even a bad one.  Until reality blows up in your face.  Then it's time to deal with the real world, which isn't so simple.


I'm Alex Smith, for Radio Ecoshock.  Download all our past programs from our web site,


I'm sorry you had to hear this.


Music clip: "Don't Shoot the Messenger" Gordie Sampson, album Sunburn.