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When Do You Call It A Climate Emergency?

Incredible heat records, Biblical downpours not reported. Canadian climate scientist Paul Beckwith & Alex get it on the record. Plus some new science from Norway. Bright young mind Pavel Serov on Arctic sea-bed methane risks & rewards. When the glaciers melted before, methane  …


David Fleming & Dark Optimism

How can we go on living with impossible problems? Green writer David Fleming influenced the UK Green Party, the Transition Towns movement, & new economics. Fleming passed away in 2010, leaving an unpublished dictionary for our survival. Writer & editor Shaun Chamberlin picked  …


Can We Count on Catastrophe?

For some reason, perhaps deep in our past, humans easily fixate on catastrophe, whether real or imaginary. Does the nation, the economy, or even civilization need to collapse in order to start anew? Who benefits if we think like that, and would things  …


Extreme Climate News & Science

It’s been summer in the Northern Hemisphere, when viewers and journalists drift into platitudes and cat videos. Meanwhile the planet is going through extreme changes, not seen during the time of humans. We’re going to spend this program going through the science that  …


Hot Minds in Motion

SUMMARY: The coming unstable tropics, seen through an ancient world. From the UK, Dr. Jessica Whiteside. Former NASA scientist James Hansen says 2 degrees warming is unsafe and “crazy” to set that as a goal. Huge Canadian rainforest on cusp of mega-deal to  …


Carry On Through the Crash

Economy and energy blogger Nicole Foss from The Automatic Earth; J.B. MacKinnon co-author of the 100-Mile diet: what nature was, is now, and will be. South Dakota youth organizer Jenna Grey Eagle looks for a Power Shift. Are you checking Google News or  …


Tough Transition

From “The Farm” in Summertown, Tennessee, deep green thinker and activist Albert Bates on Tough Transition. Then one of the pioneers of localization and sustainable community, Dr. Mark Roseland. Alex reports on new ocean/climate movie to save… us. Rob Stewart’s film “Revolution”. Radio  …


Looking for an End

MP3 FORMAT Waiting for a resolution to the triple crisis of climate, energy and the economy? Alex interviews Gareth Renowden, co-host of New Zealand’s “The Climate Show” on the big stories. From Beijing, Li Yan, Greenpeace East Asia climate coordinator, on China’s emissions  …

Still Walking Away From Empire

http://bit.ly/KSydIX Author of “Walking Away From Empire”, Professor Emeritus Guy McPherson left University of Arizona to go off-grid in New Mexico, in a community-based alternative lifestyle. With clips from new film “Somewhere In New Mexico Before the End of Time”. Talk of collapse,  …

Time of the Techno Fix

Download Show. Michael Huesemann, co-author of “Techno-Fix: Why Technology Won’t Save Us or the Environment” interviewed by The Extraenvironmentalist. Then “Alternative Radio” founder David Barsamian recorded in Vancouver: what should we do? Radio Ecoshock 120613 1 hour Welcome to Radio Ecoshock. I’m your  …

Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist

Has environmentalism failed? If so, what do we do next? That’s the question faced by three panelists, former Ecologist magazine deputy editor Paul Kingsnorth from the UK; American deep green activist and writer Lierre Keith; and eco-philosopher David Abram. The host of this  …


5 Years to Climate Hell

BONUS AUDIO: TELECONFERENCE with Lester Brown by Earth Policy Institute (recorded by Alex Smith) Download full conference in CD quality (22 minutes) here. Welcome. This week we have a show packed with good news, horrible news, and crazy news – all about the  …

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