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Radio Ecoshock Features, Host - Alex Smith

Short pieces from Radio Ecoshock's weekly 1 hour show. Suitable for broadcast or repodcast. Please let us know if you use any of these items. Visit Radio Ecoshock's contact page to send us an e-mail.

Radio Ecoshock Show

A weekly radio program and podcast syndicated to over 50 stations on three continents.

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KNEW 960 AM Radio Ecoshock Features

From KNEW 960 AM San Franscisco, 24 minute interviews and rants on the environment and economy. Radio Ecoshock samplers. Each show 24 minutes.

Program listings for 2011, 2010 and 2009

Alternative Energy

Alternative news and perspectives on energy, including coal, oil, tar sands, fracking and liquified natural gas. And news about renewables, wind, solar, biofuels, pedal power and more...


Designed for cars, 'Net Zero' construction, China's new eco-cities, walking communities, London's low-carbon future, urban resilience, planet of slums, and much, much more...

Climate Change

Everything climate change discussed and described by scientists, journalists, activists and authors; over five years of material on vital topics like ocean warming and acidification, the fossil lobby, desertification, wild and weird weather, arctic sea ice and methane flares, loss of biodiversity and so many others. Please share widely!

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Climate Solutions

Green consciousness, going carbon neutral, exploring technical solutions like geo-engineering vs. sustainable development; solar farms, bio-ethanol, geothermal, carbon-rationing, thriving or survivalism?

Economic Crisis

Bankruptcies, climate and the prolonged crash, the rise of disaster capitalism, real wealth vs. phantom wealth, degrowth, the coming depression and consumerism. Prosperity without growth, national defaults, truth vs. lies and damned lies about the economic crisis.


Who is an environmentalist? Deep green authors and activists. Global warming for dummies. Green sisters: Catholic women's environmentalism. Apollo alliance on energy policy, Rainbow warrior 20 years after. Green guru Edward Abbey. Re-inventing green politics. Many, many more!


Winter gardening / guerrilla gardening, organizing for local food production, grow your own food in the city, growing food - growing sane, the 100 mile diet, GM crops in China, mutagenics, terminator seeds, drugs in your cornflakes, diet for a dead planet, toxic chemicals in food, GM soy in Brazil, the coming global famine, the world food crisis explained, factory farming, growing meat in vats, the real cost of wasting food, antibiotics in chicken, the dark side of bottled water, and many more... bon apetit!


Forest canopy and climate, Randy Hayes on old growth, forests save CO2 and climate, why forest activists are climate activists, Boreal forest now a carbon source, burning down the west, no rain in the Amazon, new roads in U.S. forests, desertification in China, Pine Bark Beetle wipes out Rocky Mountain forests, and much more...

Genetic Modification

GM in Crops of China, Diet for a Dead Planet, MutaGenics, Drugs in Your Cornflakes, The Global Food Chain and Genetic Modification, Terminator Seeds, GMO Soy in Brazil, Growing Meat in Vats, and more ...


Corporate Catastrophe, The Oil Song, Ecoshock Green Gold (a 'Best Environmenal Music Special,) Some (Atomic) Misgivings, The Sky is a Landfill, So People! (Climate Rap,) The Climate Mash, When the Oil Runs Dry, Power From Above, High Water Rising, Endless Summer, many more ...


Fake "Cold Shutdown" Fukushima and NRC, Nukes Fail in Climate, De-Growth Best Option, Japan: Twilight of the Nuclear Gods, Japan Atomic Energy Bulletins, Nuclear Waste and Plutonium, Uranium Mining in Australia, Atomic Accidents and Food, Dr. Helen Caldicott's "If You Love This Planet" radio show and podcast, many more ...


UN Report "In Dead Water," Fish Farms Kill Sea Lions, Oceans All Fished Out, Mapping Ocean Damage, the Sea Shepard Society, Smithonian's Knowlton: "Oceans Code Red," Algae Seeding for Carbon Credits, Oceans and Hurricanes, Beware Toxic Fish Farms, Ocean Conservation and Aquaculture, many more ...

Peak Oil

Richard Heinberg "The End of Growth," The Transition Movement, Dmitry Orlov "Re-inventing Collapse," The Long Descent, ASPO's Overview of Peak Fossil Fuels, Post Carbon Cities, Peak Oil and Population, Overshoot, Peak Politics, Winning the Oil Endgame, Mike Ruppert: "Oil Collapse," Living Off-Grid, many more ...


From 6 Billion to 7 Billion, Population and Conservation, Meadows: Limits to Growth, Is Immigration and Environmental Issue?, Population Overload, Paul Ehrlich on Population, Plan B: Rescuing the Planet, many more ...


G8, Climate and Biodiversity, Adventures with Ants, The Great Extinction, the Endangered U.S. Endangered Species Act, Speaking Up for Animals, CAFO - Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, Dominion: Animal Suffering with Bobby Kennedy, Biodiversity in Europe, Boreal Forest Protest, Trying to Save Frogs, many more ...

Speeches, Brown Bagger

The Brown Bagger Show, from CFRO 102.7 FM Vancouver, Canada. Download free .mp3 speeches from the Tuesday Brown Bagger show, broadcast every Tuesday at Noon, Pacific Time (PST.) Listen live at

Speeches, Environment

Prof. Richard B. Alley AGU "The Carbon Control Knob," Author Paul Hawken "A Resilient Future," Dr. Bill Rees "What if Can-Do - Can't?," Robert F. Kennedy Jr. "Killer Coal," Nicole Foss "How I Prepared," Naomi Klein "The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," Thomas Homer-Dixon "Who, If Not Us?," Cory Doctorow "The Totalitarian Urge," James Lovelock "A Change of the Living Earth," Noam Chomsky "The Poisoned Chalice," Dr. Michael Oppenheimer "How Warm is Too Warm?" and many more ...

Toxic Chemicals

Elizabeth Grossman "Chasing Molecules" - unseen chemicals going around the world, Pthalate Sex Changers for You, Toxic Chemicals in Your Home, Toxic Portfolio, Children's Chemical Burden, EPA Conflict, Big Companies Re-Think PVC, Toxic Consumer Products, UK Pesticides and Prostrate Cancer, Waste in the Philippines, Toxic Arctic Orcas Are Us, DOW Nemagon Poisons the Third World, Arsenic in Drinking Water, Mad About Mercury, Toxic Time Bomb: Endocrine Disruptors, too many more ...


Plane Justice - Banned in America, Cars Make Us Fat, Stupid and Dead, Resilient Cities Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change, Car-Jacked!, Urban Density and Transport Possibilities, Auto Bail-Out or Real Green Transportation?, Bike to Work Tips, Electric Cars / Alternative Cars, SUV's Dangers and Eco-Impacts, Pollution from Transporting Consumer Goods, Green Transportation - Women's View, Let's Talk About Smog, and many more ...


US Rivers Update, Dams and Climate Change, Great Lakes Toxic Pipes, World Water Woes, Maude Barlow "World Water Crisis," Global Update on Dams and Water, Author Cleo Woelfle-Erskine "Dam Nation" and many more ...